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Different Hospital Affiliations/Trouble Breathing

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Hi All,

Haven't been writing in for awhile now although I check the posts daily to see how everyone is doing. I have been busy with functions you know this time of year they all happen at the same time! My brother is graduating high school on 6/27. Mom is so proud and grateful to be able to experience it with him. Lately, Mom hasn't been breathing very well, she had a cold and they put her on Levaquin although she told them she never responds to that, she wanted Zithromax but had to fight for it after the Levaquin. Patients know their bodies and yet Dr.s do what ever! I finally convinced my Mom to go to another Pulmonary Doc. the one she got referred to couldn't see her for a month - what good is the referral if you can't get to see the Doc. So anyway now she is finally convinced but has alot of anxiety b/c the Doc. I found is highly recommended by alot of people but isn't affiliated witht the hospital she goes to. Does anyone have the same issues with different docs in different affiliations. My goal is to get her breathing better and not worry about what hospital the doc. is affiliated with. Please give any advice on this or if you think its better to stick to all docs in the same hospital. Its frustrating b/c some of the best are from different affiliations.



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Hi, Marci.

I haven't encountered the problem of different hospital affiliations, but I do believe strongly in "Whatever It Takes" to get the best possible treatment; and a pulmonologist who can't see a lung cancer patient for a month is a pulmonologist I wouldn't see on a bet!


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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Just my 2cents on the affilitations thing. I am a bit familiar with this because the pulmonologist in our area who has an outstanding reputation and is whom my husband went to, I have gone to and my mom goes to, only goes to one hospital. What this means is if the patient gets sent to or goes to another hospital , the doctor won't make rounds or go see her there. That is a problem in my opinion because my experience has been that the pulmonoloigst is the one who is the doctor in charge, most of the times, the patient goes to the hospital with respiratory symptoms. This means iif the patient is in the hospital they won't have the care of their own doctor. In my opnion it is something you have to consider. Hope this makes sense and the bottom line is you might want to make sure that the doctor she has is available to her ALWAYS. My best to you and your mom.


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