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Hi everyone! I went for my 6wks Avastin and CT yesterday. The news was that the tumors are going away from the inside out but its leaving holes in the lung. He said not many do this but he has never seen anyones holes keep growing after the tumors seem to be gone. Has anyone else heard of this??? I getting alittle nervious but I'm still fighting and smiling everyday!!! I hope everbody has a good day everyday!!


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Congratulations on your tumors going away! Happy Dancing for you out here in Boulder, Colorado!

Re your tumors going away "from the inside out," that sounds like "necrosis" (cancer cells in center of tumor die first), but I have no idea what is meant by "holes."

Surely he has a more technical word for that condition (whatever it is)? Did you get copy of radiologist's report yet?


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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Hi Dannie,

Yup heard of them, my mom's oncologist told us that the chemo ate a hole right in the middle of the tumor when he gave us the feedback on the chemo. Not sure why just glad it did that! We said it was the bullseye! Glad to hear you are getting good results from it.

Blessings and Joy to the Holes - its working!!!


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First of all - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Secondly, you didn't really mean you have holes in your lung, but in the tumor, right??

Avastin caused a HUGE hole in my tumor!!!! Doc even showed me on my CAT scan!! Thats a good thing - I guess the chemo eats the tumors up from the inside out. I think the technical word for it is cavitation.

I am SO happy for you!!! Keep up the good work and keep us posted!!!

P.S. - Hey, Dave, I think I have a few holes in my head, too - and not from chemo!!! LOL!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Wow...very interesting. And congrats on your success...so good to hear. Never heard of the "HOLES" thing before but others here seem to have provided a good explanation.

And nothing wrong with being a little "holy" through all of this..need all the help we can get from above as well.

Continued best wishes


ps. Patti and Dave...not surprised about the holes in your guys heads...

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Hi everyone I'll try to explain it better. My onc tells me medical terms in very simple ways so I can understand. The CT shows 2 black spots 11mm & 14mm which is a place where the lining is very thin caused from the cancer. In the center of the black spot is a white spot which is the cancer going away from the inside out. He said the black spot usally shrinks when the cancer shrinks but mine is growing. His guess is the meds is attacking the good cells which is keeping it from healing. If the lining gets to thin it could hemorrhage. He's consulting other onc & a CT in 6 wks and we'll go from there! I'm sorry I don't have medical terms, they just go over this countrygirl's head. Thanks for your help everyone!!!


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