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Mom is tubeless now.


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Went with my mom to her 2nd post-surgery checkup today and the X-Ray showed virtually complete expansion of the lung. There was a red flag at first because x-ray clinician told her otherwise and mom was so anxious to get that pesky tube out (doh!). The surgeon however placed the x-ray on the lightboard and showed us the before and after pictures and we could see the results. Whew. It was a little weird watching her pull the chest tube out, but there was very little blood if any, just pus around the tube. My mom was just telling her about how glad we are to have found her.

We also went to visit Block Center to have my mom's chemo port flushed and for her vitamin infusion. In about three weeks or so, her oncologist wants to administer the final two months of adjuvant chemo. Later on all the doctors want to interview my mom. It turns out the center actually wants to publish my mom's success story in their quarterly publication called "Integrative Cancer Therapies". Cool huh? Maybe we'll be famous. :D

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Yippee Skippee! It feels soooooo good to have the tube out! :D

Your mom's journey has certainly been arduous and would be an inspiring story for many lung cancer patients and survivors. I hope part of the article will include your relentless research, your tenacious pursuit for the best care for her, and your constant support as a loving son. My best to you and mom.

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Hi Marlon....What wonderful news for your family.......Your moms story is an inspiration for all of us.....I really think I might check out the center your mom goes to for my dad.....cathy

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