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I made dad laugh today.... here's how....


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Okay... One of the things I thrive on is trying to make people laugh... Especially during this battle, I feel it extremely nessecary to get my dad to, if not laugh, atleast smile... I would do things like come downstairs with this tight, colourful and flamboyant shirt that I haven't worn in ages and ask my dad, "Does this shirt make me look gay??" and he would chuckle and I would feel great in suceeding in making him laugh...

Today, I'm at the hospital, my mom and sister are there too. Dad is awake for the most part but kinda slipping in and out of sleep... (we often wonder if he's actually sleeping or just listening to us)... So I'm sitting on the window sill overlooking the river in our town and my dad has his eyes closed, resting nicely.... And I let one rip!!! I'm not going to lie to you,,, it was LOUD.... (perhaps you think this is crude, but I haven't seen my dad laugh this hard in over a year!!!) Suddenly, my dad opens his eyes in shock, perhaps thinking it was my mom or sister, and says to me "You gonna go to the bathroom and finish that one off boy???" and I get off the sill,, walking a lil' funny, with a real serious/worried look on my face like,,, "Ohh boy,,, I'm in trouble"... So I go into the bathroom - STRICTLY FOR COMIDIC REASONS (because everything was actually okay and it was simply gas...) and I spent a couple seconds in there and came out,,,, dad is still laughing,,, and i'm like... "PHEW!!! I'm okay... everything is still in place" AND MY DAD IS almost in tears, he was laughing so hard!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA... it was one of my proudest moments.... :wink:

I know this seems rude, crude and disgusting... But it made my dad laugh in a way I haven't seen in over a year... Thinking about it now, it almost makes me cry to know I was able to bring him a moment where he was able to have an extremely good laugh... Threw all the pain and the anguish, I thought, for that moment, I made him forget about it all and he was simple able to laugh... It made me feel so good... and now I'm crying... Take care of yourself... ALL OF YOU...


P.S. Sorry if this story disgusts you... I apologize sincereley... If it makes you laugh, enjoy!!!

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