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The Long Days of Summertime


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Well summer is finally here. And it was my kids last day of school yesterday. It occurred to me that summers are a particularly meaningful time of year for us survivors. Because we get to spend more time with our families, friends and relatives. And because we go on trips and do other special things at this time of year. The most important of which is making memories, that are so much more important to us now than the used to be.

So I was thinking this morning about how much I am looking forward to mine. We are sticking fairly close to home this year (cause crap ya I still have medical stuff going on). But there are windows where we are escaping somewhere fun and going camping and on other short trips. And I live in such a beautiful place (don't tell anyone!)...several beaches and parks within minutes from my home.

And it occurred to me that this board may really slow down in the summer, as it should while we are making our memories. Before we all start zooming off here and there I was wondering what some of you might be planning for the summer and what memories are in the making. Inspire us all with what plans us special survivors have.

I wish everyone a happy, joyful, and memorable summer. Take good care of you and yours.


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Sandra - you always come up with such great topic questions.

I, like you, am doing a fair bit of camping this year. Next weekend, with the kids finally out of school (today is last day for daughter) we are going camping at Gull Lake for four days. The weather is supposed to be hot, which is great when you're on a lake! Then we are going to your fair province, as you know, in July for a week. I am so looking forward to that as it is a beautiful resort and we just relax and enjoy ourselves. Then it is a big camping trip (last 2 weeks of August) to Pembina River - close to home. Throw in a family reunion and a couple of jaunts to the city and we will call it a summer!

I love this time of year when I get to spend so much more time with the kids. We are planning to do some day jaunts to different areas surrounding us which should be interesting. I have some friends who dread their kids being home all summer; however, my kids don't fight like theirs, so perhaps that makes the difference :) .

I wish you and your beautiful family many happy memory making days this summer Sandra.

Wishing everyone on the boards a great summer too!

Best always,


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Well, we really don't have plans at all for this summer. Joe just got his job back so I am sure he will be working away all summer long. Nick will be working, also, getting ready for football and of course, chasing the teenage girls.

We usually have a lot of Nicks friends over during the summer for pool parties so that will keep the excitement up around here (last year one of his friends decided to start a bonfire and almost burned our yard down). :(

Nick wants to go away again this summer - we went to Arizona last summer but of course, doesn't realize how expensive that it is. We are just so grateful right now that Joes company was bought by another union company and I get to keep my health benefits!!

So..... will probably spend a lot of time on the deck this summer which is really fine with me. And I will be posting away!!

Oh, almost forgot to mention - Nick will start driving this summer - he has his temporary license - so.....if any of your travels bring you through Ohio, stay outa Parma Hts. if you know whats good for you!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol: You will recognize our car - it'll be the one with the lady screaming for help in the passenger seat!!!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT summer no matter where they are and what they do!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I am in heaven this summer because right now I have all three kids home.

We have just been going to the beach, playing board games, lying by the pool and enjoying each other's company. As they get older it is more and more precious to have them all here at the same time.

We have a week at the Jersey Shore planned (my happy place)- and I think I will be taking a trip to Florida for a couple of days to see my father and

here is the big one - my school gave me an 8 day cruise as a "retirement" gift! I think we will do that in early September as soon as the kids go back to college. I have never been to the Carri bean - so I am very excited!

Mostly I am just thanking God for each new day and enjoying it to the fullest.

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Though I am not taking any extended timme off work, I do have a few days off here and there.

I don't work much of next week and am going to relax and catch up with a few friends. We have a 18ft sailboat and we look forward to using her a lot. I say look forward because the new motor we purchased has been in for repair for a few weeks with no date of completion set. UGH!!

My daughter, Lisa, and I are going to Chicago for a long weekend for a family biridal shower. My other daughter, Lori, and her family live in that area so we will be staying with them. I get a Grandma fix and will be able to see my 6 year old grandson, Jordan's. last t-ball game.

The end of July I am going on a 3 day fly- fishing retreat called Reeling and Healing for women cancer survivors. They have retreats for men as well. They teach you everything and supply everything. All for the cost of $25. I can't wait. For anyone in the midwest their website is www.fishon.org.

Then Labor Day weekend it's back to Chicago for the family wedding.

Wishign you all a wonderful summer!

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We are going to spend as much time at the beach as possible (this is my happy place), the pool of course (all the kids are taking swim lessons), and just have time together as a family. My mom, sister and I are planning on going on a girls' long weekend somewhere in August, but not sure where yet.

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I just realized today how the smallest things make the biggest impact sometimes. I posted earlier about all the places we were going and the things we were going to do this summer. Today after we attended my daughter's year end assembly at school she was going to spend the night at her friends house, so that left my 13 year old son and I to our own devices. We went and had lunch with my hubby, ran a few errands and then headed home. We did some planting together and mowed the lawn, then played a bit of basketball together, threw the baseball around. Nothing really special ... but my son said to me just before we came in that he loved today as he really laughed alot with me today and because I shared some things about myself over the course of the day that it was a really special day. Made me teary. It also made me realize that it is the everyday, ordinary stuff that has an impact and that it is the people I am with and not the location. I just needed to be reminded of that today and he did it brilliantly.

a mom with a glow around her heart,


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From one glowing mom to another Linda. It just takes sitting on a rock by the ocean with my son and having a quiet chat to do it for me. Simple pleasures. I never took those moments for granted before...and I sure don't even more so now.

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