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We lost our Mom yesterday


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My mom passed over yesterday, 11-28 at 7:30 am. I was holding her hand. It just hurts so much. My Mom saw her Mother and her Father. My Mom kept reaching and I would ask her what she was reaching for, she keep telling me she did not know. But one day last week so told me she was reaching for her mother. I asked her if she had seen her and she said yes. Several days after that my bother and I were holding her hand and she pulled away from my brother and pointed straight ahead. I asked her what she saw and she said her father. My brother asked her again and she gave the same answer. Several times when she was somewhere else by the look of her eyes, she would nod or move her lips. One time she was moving her hands as if counting people. The day before she passed over she raised her hands above her head and brought them down and around like she was hugging someone. I have no doubt there is an after life and she is in heaven. God Bless my wonder Mother, Mary Lou Monroe. I love her with all my heart. Her daugher, Michelle Monroe

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I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers of healing for your family will be said.

My Mom did the same thing when she passed. It did help a little knowing that she was in a better place and there were folks waiting to care for her there.

I can only hope she is waiting with open arms for me when it is my time.

God Bless us all,


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Thank you for your responses. I haven't been able to cry. I promised my Mom I would be okay so she wouldn't worry. I have needed to cry so much and finally reading your responses have let me cry. Thank you all so much. Michelle Monroe, Lexington, South Carolina

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i got chills reading your post. First please know how very sorry I am for your moms passing. This disease must be stopped. Its unreal how many of us have lost our loved ones this year.

second please know your mom in her last days by what you wrote just made me believe that my mom is not just in a box in the ground, where we put her 3 1/2 months ago.

I am so so sorry that your mom had to leave. I wish I could give you some sort of comfort.

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Michelle, I am sorry for your loss. The story of her passing is lovely; how wonderful that she is with her parents again!

On the day my Dad died, or rather the night before, he kept motioning to the bedroom door, telling all his buddies to come on in. He was so glad to see them, all standing there waiting for him. Of course, no one (mortal) was there; only he could see them. And my Mom said that, just as he died, a smile came across his face, so big it lit up his whole face. She said he looked twenty years old again, he was so happy. What I would give to know what he was experiencing at that moment!

How comforting it is to know that our loved ones have passed in peace. I hope the memory of your mother, happy to see her parents, comforts you in your grief.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss!! I don't know what else to say other than in some ways your post helps restore a little of my loss faith. That there is life after death. I've always believed in God, but I've had so many bad things happen in my life, that I find myself doubting God, but inside I believe and when I hear things like this it really helps me to believe...

May God be with you and your family..


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Very sorry for your loss. My condolence to you and your family. Peace, take care and God Bless.



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I am so sorry about your Mom. In reading your post, the few days before my Mom passed, she was seeing her brothers and sisters that have passed on before her as well. She said she was going to be with them. I know that both our Mom's are now at peace. :cry:


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Michelle, I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that your mother has passed. I think that that is exactly what she did, she passed into the next phase-and I hope that you find comfort in that. I found your post about what your moms experience was to be of comfort to me, and I thank you for sharing those final, beautiful moments with us. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Deb

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