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Toddy's Story

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I am originally from San Francisco living in Northern California until my husband and I retired to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of North West Arkansas. I have a nursing background which I left in the mid 70's, a career in business and was small business owner before retiring. Very active in Church, volunteer work, love the outdoors, water activities and my garden.

DX - Stage 1B Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer T1 N0 M0

Surgery & Chemo 2006

Brain Met & Gamma Knife 2008

Medical Biography: update (6/27/08)

Oct. 2005 - began to notice pain in my left side under my arm about two to four inches down,chest tightness also on the left side. Blood panel done which was normal no further investigation.


March - began to experience swallowing problems, more chest tightness and still had the pain under left arm, Endoscope ordered.

April - Gastrointerologist told he wouldn’t do the procedure until my heart was cleared, stress test was ordered. Passed stress test but a chest film that had also been ordered showed an abnormality. I was told to contact my doctor immediately. I did and was told it was probably atypical pneumonia, given an antibiotic and an order for a repeat chest film in six weeks.

3/26 - Endoscope

6/8 - Repeat chest film showing no change,

doctor said to come back in six months

for another chest film I changed doctors

6/23 - CT

6/30 - Bronchoscopy biopsy done, failed due to


7/6 - Needle biopsy

7/11 - Rushed to ER hemmoraging from lung

7/12 - Surgery, thoracotomy removed ULL

most LLL, tumor was 7-1/2 x 6-1/2 cm,

staged 1B adenocarcinoma, T2,N0,M0

7/19 - Discharged from hospital after


8/17 - First of four rounds of chemo, Taxol/Carbo

8/18 - Last chemo infusion

11/21 - First PET, NED


2/22 - Second PET/CT showed two lymph nodes

March - HUSBAND DIAGNOSED WITH LC, ULL stage 1 A, no chemo required

5/17 - PET/CT one lymph node gone other much

smaller, basically NED. Labs. blood count

well within normal limits again.

7/18 - Chest film & lab, nothing abnormal noted.

10/17 - CT/PET, lab., NED

11/07 - Endoscope revealed Barretts Esophagus

without dysplasia, to follow annually.


1/7 - Chest film & labs. Basically NED but CT

ordered in six weeks rather than three


3/13 -CT reavealed small metastic area on

the right side of the frontal brain lobe.

Further tests to begen 3/17 thru 3/18.

4/11 - Sterotactic Gamma Knife done at

Providence Medical Center, Kansas

City, KS. To follow in four weeks with MRI

looking for shrinkage.

5/23 - Follow up MRI showed a 2mm reduction

in tumor size and no new one's. Did however mention Heterogenious

cells noted in cervical spine bone marrow. MRI & full CT schuled in July

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