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It's been awhile since I've been here. It's difficult for me to be here much. I tend to do a lot of crying while I'm reading. And I have a hard time responding to many posts. So I tend to be a lurker more than anything.

Mom is now on a new chemo because the last scans showed growth of existing tumors and new tumors in both lungs. This one is 2 weeks on and then 1 week off. Don't know the name but it's causing ringing in the ears. She went to an ear dr, who told her she has moderate to severe hearing loss already.

Her spirits are really failing. Her unbalance has resumed. She was led to believe that the surgery to reduce the brain tumors would alleviate this problem and it really hasn't. So she's disappointed. She falls more often and is more easily and quickly fatigued lately. This frustrates her.

Meanwhile my father has got to be in denial. He's gone hunting the last three weekends in a row. Twice he left the day she was getting chemo. Is this weird or what? I understand it, I think he just needs the outlet but I still think it's a bit weird.

Meanwhile, my job has stepped up into high gear and will be that way until Christmas time. I'll be so glad when I can spend more time with her.

More and more it feels like we might be reaching the end. I know my mom will die fighting this horrible disease. But I really would like her to have at least a small amount of time without the pain of the treatments. This is so hard to watch.


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Amy, what strikes me immediately is your mom is almost a 5-year survivor, stage IV! She definitely IS a trooper. That gives many of us here a lot of hope.

If your mom is having ear problems, this could be why she has imbalance. I think the ear problem should be looked into to see if there is help there. Don

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