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Heterogenious Cells to Bone Marrow


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I have a question and I'm not sure whether to post this under upcoming tests or here.

My last scan which was six weeks after Gamma Knife to one brain MET showed that the tumor had shrunk, no new ones and nothing else showing elsewhere; that was about six weeks ago. The scan showed good shrinkage but it was also noted for the first time, "Heterogeneous Cells, cervical spine bone marrow."

I wasn't aware of it until about a week after my appointment when I was filing the report in my binder. I have talked to my Oncologist who is aware,noted it but didn't mention it, wanted to see this next set of scans. I'm scheduled for another set of scans next week.

Have any of you had scan reports which mentioned something similar and what was the outcome?

The last time something unusual showed up in any testing it was in my labs, a chem panel, which showed abnormally low sodium as well as all electrolyte elements except potassium. The following scans which the doctor moved to two months instead of three showed the brain met.

Thank you

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I thought about posting in "Ask the Experts" but I see there has been no activity there since 2007. Since Onctalk has changed I thought perhaps Dr. West wasn't moderating or anwering here any more?

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