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Update on mom


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It's been two months since mom is done PCI. She is in remission as of now thankfully. But she is now suffering from depression. She is really tired all the time and has aches all over her body. She has no appetite and has lost 30lbs. Its really weird, does anyone have any experience with this? She is taking an antidepressant since last week. We're hoping she'll bounce back.

And about her hair, it's not growing back. At least not yet. Did anyone here who's had PCI get their hair back? I think this is the one thing that's really getting her down.

Hope you all are hanging in there and enjoying your summer. Looking forward to yoour replies.


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My sister had the PCI's done and her hair gradually did grow back. It actually came back in a different color. As far as her anti-depressants go..you may want to mention it to her doctor. It could be that it is not working on her. Beverly switched a couple of times until one finally worked well with her.

Keep us posted!



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Hi-I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. As far as the antidepressants go-my Mom was on them and she claimed they saved her sanity. Give it time-I think they say @ least 4-6 weeks-My Mom was on 50 mg Zoloft-they worked great for her.

As far as the hair-to be honest my Mom lost hers 3 different times but after the WBR it took a little longer....read her all the positive stories on this site to keep her spirits up.


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I've been able to avoid taking anti-depressants by seeing a therapist weekly. He has been a great outlet for discussion of issues too sensitive (IMO) to discuss with my family plus we also work on my cognitive therapy (helping me to stay rational and logical--allegedly :D).


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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Thanks everyone. It really means alot that you care enough to reply. I agree with you all that my mom needs to wait for the meds to work (for her depression), and that she needs to eat. She has never been a healthy eater. I try to help her, but aside from force-feeding her, I can't make her eat. She has been eating a little lately though, and she has been feeling a noticeably better lately.

I think there is a big depression that happens after such an ordeal. While she was having her treatments she would eagerly get up and go to all of her appointments. Even when she was sick. Now that everything is done, I think she misses having somewhere to "go". I try to get her to come over, she says no. I ask her to run errands with me and the kids, she says no. I offered to buy her a ladies gym membership for something to do. She says no. I don't know what to do. She is so stubbirn. And the worst part is that I have three small kids and I cannot go with her to all the appointments. So she has no advocate and is probably not asking the right questions or telling the whole truth. I think she is so scared of them finding more cancer.

She is coughing alot lately. I think it may be from the second hand smoke from her chain-smoking boyfriend, but I can't be sure. She is scheduled for another ct scan soon. We are preparing to get her port out.

I wish she would seek some therapy. Medicare might cover it. But my mom would only lie to a therapist. She nevber wants to seem vulnerable or weak. She 's a tough lady. And I don't think she would go. But I may look into it anyway.

Well, thanks again. You are all so inspiring.


(I don't have a history with a timeline, i really must do that)

Mom was diagnosed with sclc, limited in 9-07

2rounds of cystplatin then 4 carboplatin and etopiside

3 weeks of concurrent radiation to chest

4 weeks of PCI ending April 08.

No cancer as of today 7-08

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The chain smoking boyfriend need to go out the door.If its around her its nearly as bad as if she was smoking herself.Many treatments are not as effective if the person still smokes.If he is burning one right after the other around her...thats not good.Put him out on the porch or somewhere that she wont be affected by it. Better for her if she is as far away as possible.

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I am sorry it has taken me so long to post. My dad went through EXACTLY what you describe. I can remember posting on this site that it was almost as if he was in worse depression after remission than before it!

I think it is great that she is not on an antidepressant...we had to almost FIGHT dad to take one. He did though, and after about a month ( I know that seems like forever!) he started coming around.

His hair took FOREVER to come in. I would say near six months...but when it did, it came back black (from mostly gray!) and thick. The best things come to those who wait I guess!

Does your mom come on here? I used to read some of the great posts from on here, so that dad could have hope and courage...but I do remember being so frustrated because he would sit and watch those birds for hours and hours. He would hardly even move. It was hard.

Today, two years later, dad is still in remission, has a full head of hair, is honery as ever, and has gained back most of his weight. He was overweight when this whole venture started so gaining back ALL of it wouldn't be the greatest thing in the world!

Stay strong and know we are thinking of you. Kudos to mom for going through that tough treatment...life just isn't fair!


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