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things are really not good.

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Hi everybody,

Got a call this morning from Hank at the hospital. His breathing was worse than it's ever been. After allowing myself a short time to freak out, I pulled myself together and went to the hospital. I honestly did'nt know if he would be alive when I got there. That's how bad he sounded. I just kept telling myself, "Don't think, just drive" to keep my composure on the trip there.

He was breathing very badly when I arrived. But breathing!!! Saw the pulmonologist and she said there's really nothing that they can do for him in the hospital that can't be continued at home. The doctor's honestly really don't know what they're looking at in the x-rays. As I've been reporting over the last few days, they thought they saw improvement in the x-rays. Now today, things look worse again, without changing medications or anything. They don't know if what they're seeing is inflammation, infection, spreading of the cancer or what. The pulmonologist suggested that I speak to the oncologist and find out if there is anything else that he would like to throw at this, otherwise, at this point hospice is our next move.

Hank really had the rug pulled out from under him today after our talk with the pulmonologist. We have both always hoped since the start of this journey that we would be able to hold this demon at bay, at least for a decent period of time, but I have always had a more realistic view of what might be coming and when. Which is not to say that we are giving up. We are not. We will continue to hope, and do all that we can, it's just that our options are now very few, if any.

Thanx guys,


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Sayin prayers for Peace and strength under the carolina skies tonite!

Gail I wish i had the words but I have the ears and the shoulders!

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Gail: They don't know if what they're seeing is inflammation, infection, spreading of the cancer or what.

Hi, Gail.

So sorry about the ups and downs you're both going through (not to mention the fright).

Re the pulmonologists/radiologists not knowing what they're seeing, mine have the same problem due to the fact that, in addition to the original tumor, I have scarring and inflammation from the radiation pneumonitis plus some radiation-induced emphysema (and on at least one occasion interstitial pneumonitis). In fact, the condition of my lung tissue is now so bad that they can no longer accurately measure the size of the tumor (other than via PET scan).

I know Hank had emphysema before his dx so I assume that's part of the reason he's facing the same situation as I.

Anyway, in the meantime, my best to both of you.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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Hi Gail,

I'm very sorry to hear that the breathing is so bad. Going from crisis to crisis, with not much relief in between, is a horrible pattern. It breaks my heart for you and Hank. You and I have talked about the touchy lung issue that happens to some patients. It gets to the point where nebulizers and inhalers don't do too much to help, but you continue on in hopes that this will calm down and reverse. So many variables go into why the lungs go to crap -- radiation, inflammation, necrosis, cancer, thickening, scarring, emphysema, loculation, infection, adverse chemo reactions, clots, etc. etc. My husband was on anti-inflammatory meds to try to calm things down while continuing chemo, but it did very little to help. I hope someone has something tucked into their bag of tricks to ease this situation. God bless you both.

Arrghhh --- I hate this for you and Hank. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.



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