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Guest Reynrona

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Guest Reynrona

Have been on the Stimuvax trial for just over a year and my tumor is gradually getting smaller. I pray to god that everyone with NSCLC has access to this product and that it works for them. May they find a cure soon.

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Thank you for the testimonial. Stimuvax is in trials here and so for has ahd great results. We do have a few mwmbers who have and are trying stimuvax right now. Also I say Thanks for being a pioneer in cancer research and Hope and pray things contimue to go well with your treatments.

Welcome to the boards as I may not have properly said before!

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I would love to get into the Stimuvax study, unfortunately I am stage 4 and they are only recruiting/ considering stage 3 individuals at this time. I was wondering if I could get it off study through Compassinate use protocols?

The GVAX studies showed immunotherapy (vaccines) have a real place in cancer treatment. of the 33 patients in the phase2 GVAX study 3 were completely cured ! (2 of those 3 had BAC components to their tumor) . Unfortunately they dicountinued the GVAX studies for lung cancer (they are still going on for pancreatic and prostate) because a few individuals died during the necessary surgery to get the tumor samples.

I woiuld love a shot at GVAX.

I am considering going into the HyperAcute Vaccine study at the NCI in Bethesda Maryland. I will go there next week for evaluation.

Also the Cuban Govertment vaccine has been reported to have great results as well.

If Anyone knows if I can get Stimuvax off study, I would appreciate the information.

Joe B

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