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Reunion Time


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We are leaving for Indiana in the wee hours of the morning. We are expecting about 50 people to attend. There will be family there that we have not seen in pert near 10 years. As well as several members of the class of 53.

There were 24 graduates in Tom class and all but 1 including the teacher are still alive 55 years later.

Tom and I are enjoying his daughter and son-in-laws visit. They have been great.

I intend on having tons of fun and taking lots of pictures. It will be a very long day and I don't expect to be back home until at least 11 p.m.

In that case I wish everyone a perfect Sunday!!!


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Have a great day Tom and Denise. It is really amazing almost everyone is still here after 55 years. Should make for an interesting day. Hope you are going to post some pictures !!!

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Today started out rough with Tom being dizzy, coughing and vomiting. He took a fall in the kitchen this morning. I thought he might have tripped over Jayla but he said he was just walking and suddenly could not feel his feet and went down. I heard something in the kitchen and thought Jayla knocked something over but when I got there Tom was on the floor. About half an hour later he felt better and we headed out to Indiana.

We could not have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was great and there must have been at least 50 people if not more. Way too much food!!!! 8 members of the class of 53 and their wives /husbands were there. The timing of this reunion is in line with a 55 year reunion for them so it was very nice. It was great to see them all again.

My digital camera is broke so I had to use the regular one so when I get them developed I will get it on CD and post pics.

Overall it was an absolutely FABULOUS day!!!

Jayla of course stole the show.


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