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prayers needed


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I have a prayer request. It has nothing to do with LC but it is very important.

I'm sure everyone has heard about the fires that have raged in California this past two weeks. Air quality is one of the major issues. Many people with lung or any kind of breathing problem are having a hard time. I'm sure too that it is not good for the rest of us either, I have noticed myself coughing more than I have sense I quit smoking over two years ago.

All of that is important but the ones who really need all the prayers they can get are the firemen out on the line. There are about two thousand firefighters throughout the state of California at least half are here in the North State fighting the many fires that still burn. Most of those firemen have had only a mimimum amount of down time. They have been working for two weeks straight with little rest and today the temperature reached 104 degrees and is supposed to stay at about 110 for most of the week. They will all need more down time so please say a prayer that soon they will be able to rest more and the fires will all come under control. With the high temperatures and the low humidity the fire danger doesn't end.

We all need your prayers but most of all those brave men who are putting their lives on the line every day in conditions that most people can't even imagine.

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Things have gotten so bad the NAtional Guard has been deployed to provide relief for Regular every day fire fighters suffereing from Exhaustion!

Thoughts and Prayers to everyone affected out there and Please take care of each othe and yourselves the best You can!!

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