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PREGNANT Charlotte Church yesterday turned charity fundraise


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Charlotte puts her best foot forward for lung cancer

Jul 7 2008 by Ben Glaze, Western Mail

PREGNANT Charlotte Church yesterday turned charity fundraiser to help lung cancer research.

The 22-year-old singer and television presenter, who is expecting her second baby with rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson, wore an Ospreys team coat to brave the wind as she started Mair’s Walk in Bridgend.

The Voice of an Angel singer launched the event saying: “Thank you very much for coming and for your support for lung cancer research.

“It seems to have touched all our lives unfortunately, but that’s the situation.

“Thank you very much and enjoy the walk.”

Church, who has previously walked to raise money for the Children’s Hospital for Wales, led 500 walkers on the three-kilometre route to Ogmore Castle to raise cash for the Lung Cancer Research Fund at Velindre Hospital, Cardiff.

After she addressed the crowd, she was helped from a five-feet high aluminium platform by Bridgend magistrate Derrick King, who is also a director of Bridgend Ravens RFC.

He was given the responsibility of ensuring the star kept her balance as she made her way down the steps. Mr King, 73, said last night: “My instructions were, ‘Catch her if she falls!’”

Mr King, a marshall at the event, added: “She looked good, healthy, happy and was smiling all the time. It’s great of her to help.”

Valerie Brown, 65, of Bridgend, took part in the charity trek.

She said: “I’ve had cancer myself a couple of times so I know what a good cause it is.

“If you can help somebody by raising money, you should.”

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