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A New Journey


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Hi All...

This is a new journey for me...caregiver, that is.

My father was diagnosed with level 4 extensive small cell lung cancer on June 16 '08.

The learning process can be overwhelming.

The overwhelming part I did learn pretty quickly!

My family had been fortunate up until this day...never having any real battles like this to conquer.

For that, I am grateful.

I am taking one day at a time, although I am wondering how many days I will be given to have my beloved dad.

Only the angel on my shoulder knows and she is not talking!

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Hi bab-

Was so glad to meet you on chat tonight. Sorry you need to be here but this forum is full of a lot of great people with great information and support. Hope you will continue to come here so we can get to know you better.

Since you are pretty much my neighbor, we will have to get together some day soon!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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hey bab. A formal welcome here. And was nice just talking with you on chat. You will find a wealth of information and lots of supportive folks here. Ask any question you like and it will be answered. My heart goes out to you at this early time in your journey...it will get better I promise. take good care


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Hi bab. Welcome to our group. We met in the chat room tonight and I enjoyed "talking" with you. I hope we all weren't too overwhelming. We try to be very welcoming and give priority to cancer-related questions, comments, etc. We do get carried away sometimes however. Some of the people tonight have been around a long time. I joined in the summer of fall of 2003 and I think Ry was already attending chat. We love having new people join us. Tonight was a good night as we had two new people. I hope you both come back next week.

I remember how crazy things were when my dad was dx. w/ NSCLC in 1975. We didn't hear anything about stages of the disease and knew almost nothing about treatment. He had radiation and that shrunk the tumor a lot. My uncle (dad's youngest brother) and cousin came from CA (to MN) for dad's bronchoscopy. After the procedure was completed the dr. came out to talk to "the family." That was the point at which my Mom (fairly hysterical anyway) decided she wanted to talk to the dr. alone (with me) and then didn't want to tell the others the results! Like I said, it was really crazy. After a while tho. things sort of fell into place. Dad drove himself to radiation and felt good throught it all. Of course there was no internet for information and few medical books for "lay persons" offered much information. Doctors existed to make decisions and didn't take questions. Surely, your dad's situation is much better than this. It sounds as though he has a good support system and you will be a real blessing to him.

Be sure and raise questions on the message boards and in chat. We're here to help (and unlike so many organizations, etc. who say that) and we mean it. Ask and we'll give you more answers than you can count.


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Sorry about the reason you have to be here, but welcome to the site. You will find an incredibly supportive group of people here (helpful beyond belief!).


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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Hello and a warm welcome to you Bab,

As others have said, this is a very welcoming, warm, and informative place to be.

I haven't felt alone since joining. Asking questions is a very important part of dealing with this disease.

Here, the responses are always forthcoming.

Sorry that I am not a chat person (cannot type fast enough :( ), but I will be here posting away most days.

Please, let us know how things are going with your Dad, and with you and your family.


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