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More pain.. my girlfriend Laurie


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Some of you may remember me posting about my friend Laurie last fall and asking for prayers as she had been diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs as well as many mets throughout her body. This was after losing her beloved husband to lung cancer. I just had a phone call that she has lost her battle. Like Jerry, her pain and suffering has now ended.... I hate cancer. I just hate it.

My heart is just broken...

Christine.. who needs a break so desperately.

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It is times like these when you lose your faith...these times when you need it the most. Christine, I know you have to wonder why you are being put through so much pain. I have been there too and I have come to realize that God doesn't make mistakes. It takes a while to understand, but eventually you will get it. I hope "something good" happens to you soon to make you feel better.

This board is a big help to me..because I feel I can come here and share my feelings about anything,and someone out there is going to tell me something that makes everything all better and puts a brand new perspective on the situation for me.

I know it will take a while for you to work through your grief, I just wanted you to know that people care a lot about you, and to encourage you to stay strong with your faith.



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Again, thank you ALL so much.. I just cannot believe she died so soon after Jerry even though I KNEW she was really failing in the past month. Just unbelievable timing.....

The funeral is this afternoon and I feel absolutely HORRIBLE but I cannot bring myself to go. I feel sick to my stomach when I even think about attending a funeral, no matter who's it is and I just cannot do it. I will send my condolences and will make sure her son knows that I am here for him and his wife if I can be of any help. My Dad is going and he told me he understands and that nobody would hold it against me but I still feel so badly about it.

I hate cancer, all cancer but most especially this damn lung cancer. It has stolen too many loved ones from us and it just has to stop.

Sorry.. I did not mean to go off on a tirade I just needed to thank you all so much, yet again....



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