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A Salute to Life Givers

Patti B

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Hi all

Wanted to share this with all of you and decided to put it in general so that survivors would read it, too. I think this is important to everyone, survivors and caregivers. I sometimes as a survivor forget, I am ashamed to say that its really not all about me, but also about my husband, my son, and all the people who care about me.

Leroy Seivers is a former newsman who has been to every war in the last twenty years. He was the fellow who did the newscast with Ted Koppel about his cancer about a year ago. Leroy was dx'd two years ago with LC and many. many mets and has a blog that he has done EVERY day since his dx. I subscribe to it and get a daily blog. He is amazing and such an inspiration. He has gone through every chemo, radiation, glueing, cutting, slicing know to man - some very experimental and has always sprung back except for this last set of setbacks - he is not doing too well right now.

His long-time girlfriend, Laurie, is the one who wrote this. Hope everyone sees the important message that I do.

The Givers of Life

Posted: 09 Jul 2008 07:00 AM CDT

Laurie's days, are no longer her own. The cancer has stolen those days, changed them from the life she would want to lead to the life she has to

lead. A life of caring for me.

Here are her thoughts on that ...

Good morning to all of you "life-givers" ... previously known

as "care-givers." I've decided there needs to be an amendment to this term

"care-giver" ... especially in Cancer World.

Giving CARE, in this world, is an automatic function of our daily lives, and it is a function that operates on a 24-hour clock.

If you're like me, sleep is not what sleep was, BC ... before cancer. Sleep comes now with one eye open, and both ears trained to hear any sound that isn't a sound of the night.

And it's all the other stuff that plays a part in the giving -- from making

a meal, to playing cards, to just sitting by the bed, holding a hand.

It's the "life" part of the giving that is so important to acknowledge. We all give our "life energy" every day, to continue the life that's been attacked by this unrelenting enemy.

We'll do just about anything to make "their" day, every day, because we don't know when it will be the last day.

It's a breath-taking challenge. Somehow we find the strength. I just think it's important to salute you, "givers of life."


As a survivor, I would like to salute all of you, too. I am posting a copy of this on my fridge so that I can remember to personally thank all the people in my life who have been and continue to be my "life-givers"

Hugs - Patti B.

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Thanks Patti fopr Sharing that with us. YA know I miss watching Deb sleep at nite even if it did give her the "Willies" :wink::)

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Thanks for posting that Patti. I too keep up with the Leroy Seivers blog. Yesterday and today's blogs just broke my heart and brought back memories I'd pushed away. Reading it today allowed me to let go a little of my grief. I so get it.

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