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New chemo ahead of me


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I have just taken a break from chemo for a month before I get started on my other treatment. This is going to be my 5th line. What I would like to know is the side effects of the chemo I will be on. Gemzar and Carboplatin.

Does anyone have any information you can share with me. I know that the Carbo is part of the Cisplatin family and I did not do well with that drug at all. It caused alot of side effects for me and long lasting ones too. I hear that the Gemzar isn't that bad.

I would like to know if you can share your experience with me. I am really concerned with this, because I had such a bad time with the cisplatin.

If anyone can help me I would be so grateful.

Thank you and God Bless


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Best wishes with your new treatment. Wow, you have done so well...congrats and thanks for posting. I can't give you any advice on drug so hopefully others will be along soon. But I wish you the best on it and continued success.


ps. If you have time I have posted a roll call in NSCLC forum re chemo drugs. If you could respond with all of yours, that would be super. thanks in advance

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It's been a while for me and I can't remember the exact side effects. I had Carbo with Taxol the first time I had chemo and Gemzar and cisplatin the second time. With the Carbo/Taxol I received both drugs once every 3 weeks. I recall nausea controlled with meds, muscle or bone pain beginning on day 3 and lasting a few days. I took some of my leftover pain pills from surgery and that pretty well took care of it.

I received Cisplatin every 4th week and Gemzar every other week. Cisplatin caused lots of problems (but I didn't lose my hair as I did with Taxol or carbo). Gemzar caused very few problems. I guess I'd prefer Gemzar with Carbo rather than with cisplatin.

Good luck. Let us know how you do with this.


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I really wish you luck as you enter this new treatmwnt. I wanted to let you know that my mom had a horrible time with cisplatin. She has had 5 treatments with carboplatin and doing much better. It has been nothing like te first time. I know that things are different for every person but this chemo has been great. She is out and about and doing her daily activities. Maybe a little more tired but otherwise so far so good. Nothing like the first time!

My prayers are with you,


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Hi Linda, Carbo/Gemzar was the first line treament for my mom and she did very well with it. Minimal side effects, no hair loss.....Really just some fatigue that they took care of with Aranesp for her low red count....She went out to lunch and dinner with friends, shopping, etc. After 6 cycles she had a definite decrease in the size of her mass, but they decided to roll her into the next line to try and shrink it some more. Good luck to you. Shelley

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I wish you much success on the new regimen.

Bill was on Gemzar and Carboplatin. His only side effects were low red blood cell counts. He received Procrit for those times, and on one occasion, received a transfusion.

He wasn't sick or in any discomfort, didn't lose appetite, didn't lose his hair, and he was not fatigued at all.

With regard to Carboplatin, I believe, it is milder as to side effects than is Cisplatin, or so I have read.

He received the Gemzar/Carboplatin regimen late in the fall of 2005.

Wishing you great results,


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Stating up front that I have no personal experience, but although cisplatin and carboplatin are both platinum drugs, as a general rule I do believe that carboplatin is less difficult on patients than cisplatin. So try not to worry that the carbo will be as tough on you as the cisplatin was, because I don't think that is likely.

Good luck!

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Hey Linda,

Just wanted to let you know I am in the background cheering you on. Hope that these treatments go well for you. I had a couple of people in my support group who were on Gemzar & Carboplat and they too had low blood counts. I have to say they did pretty good in the over all picture.

Sending you positive vibes and good wishes.

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Hi, Linda.

My mom also did Gemzar/Carbo for first line chemo. Fatigue, nausea (controlled with meds), and a bit of diarrhea were her side effects. Carbo caused everything to taste of metal, and Gemzar made her mouth sort of tingle when drinking citrus juice. All in all, not bad. My mom did all the normal things she would usually do, although she did take afternoon naps.

Hope this knocks it out of the park!!!!!!!!!


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