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Family Caregivers & Depression

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Have you ever suffered from major depression? Not just a few down days but rather consecutive down weeks in a row, and it isn't a question of your glass being half empty or half full because you can't even see anything inside worth measuring?

If so, you're not alone. Family caregivers suffer from major depression much more frequently than the rest of the population. That's a fact. When a family caregiver suffers from depression, there are two people at risk - the family caregiver and the family member or friend for whom she or he cares.

You will find information about the symptoms of depression, how depression can be treated and how to screen yourself for signs of depression. You will read caregivers' descriptions here of how they view their experience of depression, caregiver-to-caregiver advice, and information that takes into account the reality of what it means to be a family caregiver.

Knowing you are not alone with depression begins right here.

Major Depression - What it is and what it is not

How to Screen Yourself for Depression

How YOU can Cope with Depression

Connect with other Family Caregivers

Resources if You are Dealing with Depression

Funding for development of these family caregiver depression pages was made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

NFCA is grateful to Barry J. Jacobs, Psy.D. and John Rohland, MD for their insights and assistance in the development of these family caregiver depression pages.

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