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Well, long story made very short...........back from hiatus! For those who remember the 'artifact' ~ GREAT news.......that is exactly what it was. April scan showed NO spot. YIPPEE!!! Went on to worry over severe upper and lower back pain. Local neurosurgeon ordered MRI's to rule out mets to the spine! GREAT news again....NO mets. BAD news ~ chronic back pain with little to be done at the present. Good news ~ I'm here to complain about it :lol::roll::? !!!!

Since I was here last, I have kept up with everybody and everything. I KNOW all you newbies because I've read all about you and your stories. I know those of you with good/bad news too. Unfortunately I've gotten so behind ~ NO WAY to respond to each and every one of you, but rest assured I KNOW what you've been up to. So I just want to say a big 'WELCOME' to all of you who've joined within the last 3 months, offer support to those who've needed it since then, and a big congrats to those reporting good news.


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I'm so glad you're back Kasey. About the pub---will you be opening it on a regular basis or just for special occasions? I really appreciated it being opened after my good 5 year news. I hope that you will consider joining some of our bus trips, now. The last one ended just yesterday, but I'm sure there will be another one sometime. They're a little crowded, what with the cow, dogs, etc. but we can make room. Need another herding dog to keep the others in line - or should I say, in a tight circle?

Welcome back


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It is great to see you here. Did you ask for a pass? I am not recalling a pass request. Ummmmm to fine or not to fine? That is the question. I guess I'll let you slide with all the artifact stress and all. You missed a great cyber road trip. I'll buy you and Fred a drink at the pub.


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Well Kasey, I don't have to tell you how I feel as I know you know.... just that Watch out everybnody..... Kasey's back and now Kasey & Fred's Pub is oficially open....

Fianlly, YEA!!! Everybody welcome, drinks from liquor to soda to juce to water etc.... Open for everyone to celebrate the good news of Kasey's scan.

Kasey yours is the first drink.... as you are the honored guest and desere the spotlight... here's to Kasey's good news!!! Your amazing!!

Now we just have to work on that back of yours. :shock:

I still can't believe in a million years that you walked that 3.5 miles last year at Heather's walk for Lungevity on a rainy cold day. . INCREDIBLE!!! Fred was proud of you. I will never forget how tired and completey exhausted your were and how your back hurt then but you felt so good that you did it.You did it and you did not come to walk all that distance but you did it. Doesn't make a difference if you ever do it again, because you did something you felt a need too to make a point to combate this monster.

So the first drink and toast is for you on me (not physically, thank you) but for all you have been through, and what Fred went through with his scare, for all the help and support you give people in your own articulate way, and for showiing up for events and some sadly not happy events. You are truly a treasure and we are blessed to have you and especially now to have you back.

Actually, the real reason is that we can open the bar again!! :mrgreen: lol

To you my friend along with your soulmate Fred...

Bottoms UP!!

The next rounds are for all the others who shared their own good news. I hope we can join you all next thrus. when we find out Joel results.

Meanwhile, congrats to you all. Keep that positive attitude..... as Rich says.... NEVER GIVE UP!!! Kasey certaintly didnt and from being told she had a few months that tuned into years. And this happened because Katie and Rick made this site. And this site is why Kasey is still here today. Someone came to her resue who had some knowledge of her type of LC and recommened her to another doctor she believed could help her. This was Kasey's 4th opinion... how many would have stppped after the 2nd. Determination, belief, attitude and a girl name Mary Ann (not me) from this site helped save her life.

So I have to thank Katie and Rick for making their dream a reality and life support for so many of us. We know what thiis disease does and we have each other who understands it. We are family here, we will nerver judge anyone just give advice, support, prayers and just a place to say what's on our minds. And we understand it where others don't

Anyway... talking about blabbling on and on. WOW

... blah blah blah... pour me another Absolute and Craberry....light on the cranberry :D

Le Heim ( jewish words for" to life" )

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We sure missed you Kasey. So glad you 're back and bringing Great News!

Have you started planning the big party yet for September? You are soon to be a 4 year survivor you know!

Are you renting a Big Name Band?


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