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WELL WELL WELL....The prodigal Duaghter has returned. To answer Ry's question, no I don't believe a hall pass was obtained...I think Kasey just went AWAL. Therefore, hereto, hencewith, as punishment, she will have to go shot for shot with me at the next Delaware Valley Luncheon....I'm thinking We'll start with some Irish Car Bombs, throw some Jameson in the middle and I then I'll hit her with the knock out punch that is Yeager Meister. After Fred Drags her home and she recovers 2 or 3 days later, I don't think she'll ever decide to run away from home again.

In all seriousness, welcome back Kasey. Good news on the artifact, tough news on the back, but hey, a pain in the back is better than a pain in the butt right?

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Kasey is BACK and spreading wonderful news. Can't tell you how happy I am to read your latest post. Way to make all of us smile. How about keeping the Pub open a little later than norm for a real celebration?? Prayers DO get answered. Now, about that back pain... Think a PSU game may make you feel better??? Will be in touch about tickets!! Ellie

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HI!!!!! I missed you. Thanks so very much for your last post to me. I was really so kind and so supportive. It's great to know that when you need to be held up, there's someone like you out there to do it. THANKS.

It's wonderful to hear that your scans are so good, let's keep em that way. Hope your back pain eases and you'll be feeling up to par soon.

All the best,

:) Gail

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