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Where is "World Cancer Day??"


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This may sound cruel and heartless BUT... I was on the MSN website today and I noticed all this money, time and celebrity endorsements regarding finding a cure for AIDS/HIV. As I was reading the article it was talking about the fact that even without treatment many, many people do not develop symptoms for 10 years! I'm not heartless but I can't understand why more money, time, research aren't used for Cancer treatments etc. I would say 9 out of 10 people know someone who's life has been touched or lost by cancer. Why don't we have a World Cancer Day??

I'm sorry for my ranting and raving.... I am so sick of this disease and the lives that it takes. Maybe my own before I even get to see my children grow! If someone told me right now that I had cancer but it wouldn't even begin to manifest itself for another 10 years I'd be thrilled. But with way too many the disease strikes and it claims lives in days, months after being diagnosed--I hate it :cry:

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It will take a lot more folks like you to see that there IS a World Cancer Day at some point. Especially a World LUNG Cancer Day. Sad thing is, most of us who have it don't live long enough to champion the cause. We are to busy trying to survive from day to day. I have talked to tons of people and have become an "In your face" type of activist when it comes to Lung Cancer. My only hope is that 1, just 1 person will hear me and NOT start smoking or if they have been smoking awhile will get to the Doctor and DEMAND a CT scan (at the least) to check for cancer.

The statistics are awful but maybe we can do something to change that!

God Bless you and keep on talking Tami!!!

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Having been around lung cancer for over two years now, I can honestly say that there have been some improvements. (Connie B, who has been around lung cancer for over 7 years will tell you the same thing.) I have been amazed at the number of articles individuals have posted on this website. In the 2 years since I have had lung cancer, I am finding more people open to discussing it and asking questions.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I got in touch with ALCASE. I have maintained a good rapport with them since. I have personally experienced the interest of Congress in Lung Cancer, as the Representative from the District I live in has put her name, as co-sponsor, on at least 2 Bills which will effect lung cancer funding.

We have made progress, but still have a long ways to go. It has been interesting to me to see that many are showing an interest in getting local groups started for lung cancer. The group I belong to at the Univ of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center was formed in March 2002, I joined the group at the first meeting in April 2002. This group was over 1 year in the making before the first meeting took place. Our membership is now over 20 and, unfortunately, is growing. (I use the term unfortunately, because it would be nice if lung cancer was nonexistant.) As in the early days of the breast cancer movement, small groups is the answer, for the present. Once there are a number of small groups meeting regularly through out the US, then there will an excellent base for national organization. Our group has aligned with ALCASE and we are listed with them. We have gained at least 2 members as a result of our listing with ALCASE.

When I was Stage I, I was able to work more in the advocacy side. Now, however, as a Stage IV, I find myself concentrating on trying to get going with the next course of treatment. Advocacy, however, is still important with me. I, along with other lung cancer patients/survivors, will be involved in taping a public service announcement about lung cancer, this coming Thursday, December 4. This PSA will be aired on the CBS affiliate, Channel 3, WISC-TV, Madison, WI. I am hoping they will post this spot on their website http://www.channel3000.com I have seen where others, throughout the country, have gotten local news outlets, both print and TV, to run stories, or do PSA's on lung cancer. It helps when members post websites with lung cancer news, especially when it involves local news media. National media still has a tendancy to avoid lung cancer because of the "stigma" they still believe attached to lung cancer. We are making headway, reference the recent article published in Parade magazine, which appears in many local Sunday newspapers across the country.

Lung Cancer has not been able to afford the "luxury" of a "big name", as breast cancer has. There is a long list of celebrities who have died of lung cancer, but we have yet to have a celebrity come forward and readily admit to having lung cancer, while still alive.

Most states also squandered the tobacco settlement money they received and, in most states, not one red cent went to smoking cessation and/or lung disease research. Most states looked at the tobacco settlement as being a "windfall" and used the money for everything, other than what it was intended for. It's too late now, to do anything about it, as that money is gone.

Wow, I just realized that a sour note was touched with me and I went and got up on my soapbox.

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Hey David;

Very well put and we like ya on that soapbox so as long as you can stand it keep on doing it!! :):)

Was just thinking whats happened to this group in the last year!! Remember when there was just a few of us!! Now every time a log on there seems to ten more here and many saying "thank God your here". This is the only site I see thats growing like that and I belong to a few. Something real SPECIAL happening here!! :D yea, I know I'm partial!! but I keep getting that feeling that something amazing is about to happen. Just happy to be hear, guess I'm on the soap box too. Praying for a cure for us all!!

God bless and be well Dave!!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Yes, I agree with what you say such as putting more resources and emphasis to cancer.

But, I can understand why they make such day for teaching the public (especially the undeveloped countries) since AIDS could be transferred to others via some channels. So, this is kind of publicity to teach the people and increase the awareness over the world.

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