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Rich (dadstimeon) again


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I got a call from Rich tonight that he was on his way to the ER because his platelets were too high. I guess there is a risk of blood clots with them being that high. So, when I know more I will pass it on but for now please send him good thoughts, wishes, and prayers. Hopefully he will be out soon.

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Well, Rich...........I've kept up with your excursions to ER and hospital lately and here's the story.......Fred and I are traveling to your neck of the woods in August and I am MORE than tempted to just knock you silly and all that 'stuff' outta ya! Seriously though, we are hoping you get everything under control and on track so you can stay OUT of those medical facilities. I know the Boston area has great ones, but GEEZ!!!!!

Get well and home soon. And maybe we will be able to touch base with you come August. Remember 3 summers ago when we met? That was awesome indeed. We've both come a lONG way since then.

Best wishes and hurry home.


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