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Rich (dadstimeon) again


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Thanks Rochelle, everyone for the kind words. As mentioned my platelets (1 million) were too high, not good for my heart, raises the likelihood of a blood clot and was told to go to the ER. Also while their thought my infection was still hanging around so had me back on several anti-biotic. After numerous test and consultations etc. I was able to come home inspire my platelets still at 1 million. Not having a spleen raises them more during an infection. Well they say things run in three’s so hopefully that’s it for a very long time. Just need to follow up etc. as a out patient.

Again thanks everyone for the very kind (thoughts, wishes, and prayers) words.

Take care everyone and have an great weekend!


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Okay, Rich, don't EVEN make me come up there to MA and smack you silly because you keep worrying us so!!!!! Stay healthy and OUT of the hospital. I'm glad to see they've sprung you AGAIN. Now follow doctor's orders and be well.


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Holy crud Rich, what are you doing? Glad to see you're home and doing / feeling a little better, and I hope everything continues to improve. You just couldn't keep cruising along could you, had to throw a bunch of speed bumps in.

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