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Kind of an update


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Well I haven't got any official update on how I am doing as I am waiting anxiously for someone to even call me and tell me when I my next CT scan is scheduled to see how radiation did on my spine mets. And an update on my lungs I am sure as well. I have been through my 2 of 4 alimta treatments as well which seem to have kicked me pretty hard. I can't believe the next one is next week already.

But worst of all...I am back in really bad back pain again. I was on heavy duty drugs for awhile and then it got better. But stupid me, I have overdone it big time with work and play and my spine mets are telling me they are very mad! And then of course that makes me extremely anxious about CT results....hurry up and phone already.

So I am a bit down about all of that and pain is not good for your frame of mind as I am sure many of you know...any words of advice to cheer me up would be greatly appreciated.


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I am glad you got your scan appt. Waiting is the worst and no pain is not fun at all.

I am hoping your pain is muscle aches after playing too hard. If you have time, try a nice warm bubble bath. You can put the AC on so you aren't too hot with a warm bath in the summer.

Sending good thoughts your way.

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I am glad you have the appt - now when will you find out results????

Sorry you are hurting again but this has happened to me several times and its NOT my mets. You know I am wishing and praying the same results for you.

Scanxiety is the worst as we all know and I know nothing I can say will really help except that I am thinking of you and will worry some for you so maybe you can relax......a bit......maybe......

Thinking about you, crazy cancer sister.................

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I hate hearing that you are in so much pain. It's ok to let it get you down once in a while, but I know with your wonderful attitude you won't stay down. In the meantime, I'm glad you finally have your appointment and you can count on me to be sending all the positive vibes I can, while praying with crossed fingers and toes. Hang in there.



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Thoughts Prayers and GENTLE HUGS(()) If you join us for Chat tonite we willtry and make you laugh away the pain!! If not I understand!! :(

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I don't have to tell you that I'm sending major positive vibes your way (those are perpetual!), but I can tell you this:

According to my doctors (and in my case, they've put their money where their mouths are), there is NEVER any reason for a lung cancer patient to be in pain.

If you have pain, you call your doctor and describe it and they prescribe whatever should work to kill it and if it doesn't work you call them again and they prescribe whatever else they have in their repertoire until they take care of it!

When I had my pulmonary embolism, the pain was so excruciating it made my burst appendix pain from 20 years earlier seem miniscule. In the hospital they started me off with a morphine drip (the push button kind), and then switched me over to fentanyl patches with Roxonol for breakthrough pain. Whew, what a relief that was!

Eventually, as the pain faded, I was able to wean myself off of it, but they warned me to go slow because the more pain you "allow" yourself to have, the harder it is to get rid of and the more damage it does to your body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Also, Patti may be onto something re the scanxiety; i.e., I had terrible upper back pain the first week after my diagnosis, and it turned out it was stress-induced muscle tension which was easily alleviated by diazepam. Since then, this problem has recurred several times--always at a time when I was experiencing anxiety.

So call your doctor, Sandra!! (Consider this an order from your "online Mama"). :D



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Hey, Sandra, I agree with Carole! As I see it, once pain has gotten our attention and we've started corrective action, it's time to turn the switch. There's nothing to be gained by toughing it out when safe and effective meds are available. And best wishes on that scan!



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Sandra...thoughts and prayers going up for you!!

I hope you get the results VERY soon, and that they are extremely positive.

I'm so sorry that you're hurting.

I'll be posting my own update in a minute here, now that I finally have something to report.



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Pain suks. Bottom line. I am sure I am not alone when I say, the esophageal and bone pain I had last year, was only relieved by Roxanol. P.S I was very reluctant, then again, when the pain left I regained my self and had less fear. I have not , nor do I desire to have a dose of roxanol in ? 6-8 months. My body weened itself. Be good to yourself, I'm sending positive energy your way, and 1st and foremost I hope you can lick the pain. Keep us posted.


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