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Greetings. I have been hiding...

Gina D.

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Well, not hiding, really, just busy with the holiday and new projects.

Just wanted to check in and say HI, I have been lurking, but not real talkative. I get that way..a born hermit to a certain degree.

I am keeping track of all the news, lurking and checking. I am happy you all are doing well, and not so happy about some of the recent turns.

I am doing great , just in the middle of the period between check ups etc. and have absolutely nothing to report on. I selfishly like it this way.

I met karen335 a couple of weeks ago. She does a mean lunch! She looks great and I am jealous of her "camping" trailer! It's a million feet long and makes my little 6 ft pop up look like a toy! Sheez! Yeah Babe, I'll be thinking of you and your satelite dish and running water while I am trying to light my coleman lantern at 3 am so I can trip my way to the pit toilet..if there even IS one!

Anyway..it's not fair to just check in to whine, so I am sayin' "Hi Ya!"

Whats the poop?

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Hey Gina.

Off enjoying those sandwiches, eh?

Good to see you back. I've actually missed your sense of humour. My computer has been off being rebuilt, so I haven't been around much lately either. We still have great biking weather up here - a little wet mind you, but still quite warm. Take care.

David P.

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Email me with your snail mail address and I'll send one of those battery operated press on lights. (They make a great "night light" for those who shouldn't be allowed to handle flammables because they're half asleep!) :D

You've been missed....and I envy you having met Karen. I would feel this way even if she didn't have a great RV.

It's good to hear from you, and I hope that the projects have been fun ones.

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Hey Gina,

Hope you had a great turkey day! We went to Ocotillo Wells, dirt biking with our family. We had a good time, but it sure was dusty. Not too good for the lungs, I didn't have any probs though. We need to go and do lunch again, that was fun. I really enjoyed getting to meet you. Take care hope to hear from you soon.

Fay, Hope you had a great turkey day too! Maybe we could all meet half way for lunch some time in the near future. (Gina, Margaret, Karen and Fay)... Would love to have Cathy meet with us. We'll have to wait til she heals from her surgery, which she is having tomorrow. Prayers for her. How are you doing? Been meaning to tell you, your picture is really great. Lots of personality...

God Bless 8):)8)


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We should do a camp out! (Only if I can use your bathroom!)

Wouldn't that be great? A whole campsite full of LC survovors? Let the world know we CAN live normally.. a photo op waiting to happen, for sure! We could give a scare to all our oncs..I like this idea!

Plus it would be funny to catch the looks of folks when they see all the bald heads :-P

David and I can have a bicycle race around the campground (Like I had any chance of winning!)

OK..maybe a campfire is a bad idea, but we could make a giant wad of rope and XMAS lights!

Karen, how did the other test come out? Good, I sure hope! I KNOW you have good docs..

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Rope and Christmas Lights? Nahhhhhhhh. I think bald heads and oxygen tanks sitting around a faux campfire and singing songs sounds like a hoot! Just don't expect anyone to be able to hold a note for too long.

All kidding aside, I think the idea of a lung cancer camp out is a wonderful idea. I have to finish chemo first, though (12-30).

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Good to hear from you Gina! Where and when is the campout going to be?? We have a travel trailer and need decent roads to be able to drag it around. Would love to get together with all of you sometime.

I've been busy with travel (a 2 1/2 wk trip back east and a week at Whistler...pre-snow :cry: ). We had our first day of skiing today...took a fellow-retired-teacher friend with us. Going to Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID, next week, then home for some holiday gatherings. But I manage to get on and read the board intermittently.

No matter what is going on, though, you guys and gals are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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