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doctors, is it all guess work with cancer

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Again, I’m concerned about something, what else is new.

Initially Onc. Doc had told Mark if tumor had not reduced by another 50% with chemo then he would only get 4 rounds of chemo. When ct scan was done, Onc. Doc told us tumor reduced a little bit and left the last 2 rounds of chemo up to Mark if he was up to it. Well he did 1st half of 5th round and opted after that not to continue.

Well he had an appt with his family doc. this a.m. who had update letter from Onc.Doc who states in this letter dated June 16, his last chemo day, that Mark would benefit dramatically from these last 2 rounds! He never once said that to us and now of course Mark is upset that he has made the wrong decision in not taking his last round of chemo.

And of course Onc. Doc is not in today to confirm what the heck is up. We see pallative care doc this afternoon, hopefully he can help shed some light.

I just don’t get it.

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Hi Janette,

I understand your confusion. They say doctors are practicing medicine for a reason, they're practicing!!!! :):):) Just kidding. But I do think that in many cases it is largely a matter of guesswork. Unfortunately, with diseases like cancer, parkinson's disease and many other serious diseases they just don't have things down to an exact science at this point.

We would all love for this not to be the case, and maybe someday it will be an exact science, but for now, we have to rely on those that are the most educated hoping that that education will provide more accurate guesses.

My best to you and Mark,


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I absolutely LOVE his pallative doctor, definitely helps make sense of things and takes the time with us. I do believe his family doc jumped the gun a bit.

And we booked a trip after our visit with him, take off on the 1st of August, flying to Vancouver and taking the train thru the Rockies. He wants to see the mountains and he will. Definitely don’t want any regrets.

Gail, I hope all is well with you, have followed your journey and definitely wish you the very best.

Thank you all.

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