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Extremely Confused!!/Answers

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I may wander a bit in this but bear with me.

Today was Tom’s last radiation treatment. He met with the radiologist after the treatment as he does every Wednesday. He was told that they were going to wait 4 more weeks for the radiation to work and then rescan. This is fine. BUT here is where the confusion comes in.

Then scan is set up for Sunday 8/17/08 and they are only going to re-assess the liver. Tom said the radiologist seems to THINK that the lung tumor is gone. Why would they wait 4 weeks for the rad to work which they only did to the chest and then only scan the liver. I’m sorry but the I THINK the lung tumor is gone is not good enough for me. :x

Since he is going to be in the machine anyway why don’t they just go from stem to stern?

It makes no sense to me. I want peace of mind. Even if it’s still there but stable I am okay with that. I just need to know one way or the other so I can move forward. What are they thinking? :?

Could it be that if tyhe liver tumor is gone they can proceed with the surgery to remove the rest of the lung tumor? BUt if they THINK or know for sure that the lung tumor is gone then no surgery would be necessary right? I just don't know. :(

We have an appt with the Onc on Monday and I will voice my concerns to him at that time.

An extremely confused,


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I hate to voice an opinion here because since I never had radiation I truly don't know if that would make some kind of difference or not. But I would DEF speak to the doc and let him know how you feel. Sometimes these docs just don't explain things.

Anyway, I am rooting for Tom for a GREAT scan!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I just talked to the Radiologist and here is the scoop.

She said it is to early to scan yet because of the inflamation in the chest from the Radiation. They would need to wait at least 8 weeks before they could scan the chest. If they do it now they would not know if it was tumor or inflamation at this point.

So we are looking at the liver first in 4 weeks then a chest scan in about 8 weeks.


We still see the Onc on Monday and see if we do anything in the mean time or just bide our time for 2 months with no further treatment.


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I can really understand how confusing it gets. One point I do want to bring out is that once radiation treatments stop, they don't stop working. They continue working long after they are given. What I'm trying to say is that Tom is not without any kind of treatment. He is still being treated. Glad you got it explained to this point and there's nothing wrong with making them sit still til they answer all your questions. We usually went in with a list.. It's easier to ask when you are there than when you are away. Keeping my eye on you and Tom and Jayla etc.. :D



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