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Joel's results


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Hi All,

Well the verdict is in and it looks like there will be no congratulations like yea.. Stable again. Unfortunately, this is not the case this time.

Joel's nodule has almost doubled in size from his last scan from 3 months ago. It went from about 4.5mm to 9 mm. That is still considered small but still we feel the growth is pretty fast in 3 months.

So here we go again on round number 3. Time to put on those boxing gloves again. It's not that we didn't expect the growth, but we just wanted to have it stable so Joel could get through the summer without going through this bullsh-t again.

This is his agenda for now.

1. Monday- Pulmonary doctor appointment to see his lung capacity if he had to have another operation could he handle it.

2. Pet scan to see if the area lights up( which usually means cancerous) and if so how much intake. If no intake shows up then a needle biospy of the nodule to see if is cancerous or benign.

We have to wait to schedule the Pet scan as we have to go through a certification first from our insurance company to have it done.

3. Has an appointment on the 28th of July with his fomer surgeon, just to talk.

4. He will make an appointment when the results come back from the Pet with a Radiation Onchologist who does Cyberknife as that is fairly new treatment. This part is good news which I am excited about as that they have this procedure is availabe in our area. If he is a candidate, then no surgery. And hopefully the insurance will pick up the bill??

5. Decide what we are going to do.

Below is the article that appeared in our paper about the Cyberknife treatment. The article is only good for 7 days so I don't know how long the first link will last. But there was another link in that article that took you to the one below that also explains about cyberknife.

Dr. Tamara LaCouture is Chief of Radiation Onochology who Joel will be seeing about the cyberknife.

Joel does not want to get cut for the 3rd time. Gee I wonder why! Hopefully this may be an answer. Keep those fingers, toes and everything else crossed!

http://www.courierpostonline.com/apps/p ... -1/archive

http://www.cooperhealth.org:80/content/ ... Center.htm

I am very upset right now.(couple of valiums should help me there) :-) Seems likes every 2 years we go through this sh-t.

But it is what it is, and he will do whatever it takes to fight this monster!!!!!! :twisted: NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Thanks for being here for me.

Maryanne :cry:

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((((Maryanne and Joel)))),

All I can say is 'darnitall' ~ well, that's not EXACTLY what I want to say. I am so sorry to hear this, BUT will hold onto the benign hope until I hear otherwise. I know, I know. Let me live in denial for now. I've got nothing to make any of it any easier, just that I want you to know Fred and I have MANY prayers and lots of support heading your way.

Please let us know what you need. We're just up the expressway, you know ~ not that far. I want to come there and 'BE' with you guys.

I wanted to be in the Pub celebrating. Maybe we can stilll be in the Pub but to just be there to offer what we can at this time. So, so sorry the news wasn't better.


Kasey (Fred too)

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I am very sorry at this turn of events Maryanne. I am convinced that ck is the way to go. When i did it, the provider had to show that it was medically necessary. I was not a candidate for surgery, so by default, it was medically necessary for me. CK for the lung is approved by the FDA and it is not experimental. hopefully your insurance company won't use that line.

Don M

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thoughts Positive vibes and starfilled Sky prayers tonite! glad to see there is a plan for action though and it does sound comprehensive too!!

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So sorry to hear that Joel's results were less than stellar. I'm praying for a super duper treatment plan that will knock that nodule into never- never land, and hopefully it will never show its face again! Stay strong and keep us posted!

Luv you guys,


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((((Maryanne & Joel))))

Well, this is NOT what any of us wanted to hear - but - I too am hoping for benign. You just never know. And if not, Joel is one hell of a tough fighter so I know he can get through whatever they plan for his next treatment option.

Please let us know what they plan for this next treatment and know we care.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Maryanne, I'm sorry about Joel's results. If it is something, at least it's been caught early. Praying for the best outcome possible.

BTW, I thought I responded to your post last night, but I don't see it. Maybe I missed it or else I'm slowly losing my mind.


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OH CRAP!! Joel, I sure do understand the "not wanting to be cut again issue."! :roll:

I am NOT taking this lightly, but I AM going to share with you that I had the same thing happen with my nodule 5 years ago. It went from 4mm. to 9mm (in 4 months time) and then after 4 months it went back down to 5mm and up to 7mm and down to 6mm.......and so on and so one and NOW they say it's scar tissue. But I played with that bugger for 4 years and now we don't pay any attention to that one. And YES I do have a couple of new ones we've been watching, but they haven't changed in over 3 years now. So, I STILL going to keep the positive and maybe the Pulm Doc will see it differently. I'm just being hopeful! Not to mention trying to keep it simple! :wink:

So, pop a couple pills, and know your both in my thoughts and prayers, and if pills don't work, we'll meet you at the pub. Wouldn't be the first time we cried in our drinks?!?!? :wink:

Lets THINK POSITIVE!!!!!! Sending good wishes your way.

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