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CTscan Scheduled For Monday, July 21


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Monday I'm scheduled for a CTscan of the chest, abdomen, and brain. I'm a little worried .. ok I'm a lot worried :wink: about this one since I've been having headaches and vision changes. If this scan is ok, my doctor says I won't have to come back for another one for 6 months. I've been having checkups/scans every 3 months since August 2006 so I'm excited about the 6 month interval.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that everything is ok. My oncologist will look at the scan on Monday but I won't have the official report from the radiologist until about Friday. I'll let you know when I do.

Take care,


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glad you are getting it done..the anxiety is no fun for sure....as I said i another post I had horrible headaches almost constantly....seems that a lot of us here have had them. My scans came up ok...my onc said lot of chemo patients develop headaches after its all done. Pray your scans come up ok as well........and I still get the headaches..but the frequency is not as bad.


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Isn't it something how these scans can reduce the most rational, intelligent people to such irrational worry-warts???? I know they do it to me! You have many positive vibes for GREAT results, Bette. The issues you are concerned with would do the exact same thing to me, in spite of the fact that there may be MANY other reasons for such symptoms. There was a very wise fellow who used to post here who would always remind us nto not put the horse before the cart of borrow trouble. Hard to do though, isn't it?

Sure wish you didn't have to wait an entire week for the results. I know it really doesn't need to be like that. Makes me bristle. So in the meantime, hope some deep breaths can calm thos jittery nerves.

Good luck.


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Thanks Dave and Kasey for your replies. Dave, I truly believe my headaches are nothing to worry about. Reading about you having them has helped the anxiety some.

Kasey, my pulmonary doctor once told me I put the cart before the horse LOL. This was when they had just discovered the spot on my lungs via a chest xray and I was talking about a CTscan/PETscan, finding a good thoracic surgeon, etc ...etc.

I do plan on getting my mind on other things this weekend. We're having company over tonight for dominoes and fun. I have a brisket bar-b-quing (Texas style :) along with potato salad, baked beans, and french bread. Now top that off with strawberry shortcake, lots of cool whip and I won't have a worry in the world .. I'll be too full to think about my CTscan.

Have a great weekend,


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Hi Bette,

Scans, scans, scans - yuck. I sure wish there was a quicker turn around time for you so you wouldn't have to wait so long.

I wanted to chime in with Dave about others getting headaches after they had chemo. I started having lots of blurred vision and headaches about 6 months after my initial treatment. After a few brain mri's, about 3 eye doc appointments and keeping track of all the symptoms for a few months, they finally figured out I was getting migraine headaches/optical migraines - most of the time without the actual headache. No one can explain why I got them other than chemo..... Over the last year I have started getting fewer headaches and vision problems by taking a daily pill.

I will have you in my prayers this week. Its great to hear that you will be keeping yourself busy this weekend - that helps so much!!


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Dear Bette,

You have my positive vibes, good thoughts, and prayers for your upcoming CT scans.

You are so very wise to have planned a Bar-b-Que. There is nothing lovelier, I think, than to have warm friends, good food and drink altogether in one happy place.

Yum, I am getting so hungry thinking about that menu. That potato salad would be my favorite - carbs galore. :lol:

Good eating, lots of fun, and a happy weekend,


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Good luck tomorrow... I just know eveything will come out great and your next appointment wll be 6 months.

You barbacue sounded yummy...I know you had a great weekend and that helped you forget for a bit.

Tomorrow will come and go and this it will be a thing of the past.

Take care and be good to yourself,

Maryanne :wink:

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