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5 years ago


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It was a little over 5 years ago that I was diagnosed with NSCLC. I was not sick but merely went to the doctor for a check-up on April 13, 2003. The result of that visit turned my life around. My doctor saw a cloudy spot on my lung. A CT was ordered and then more tests and eventually on June 19, 2003 I had surgery to remove my left lung. My surgeon told me beforehand that it was not an easy ride but it was doable and WE would get through it. He was right. There was pain, restless nights and days that I got hungry because I could not eat. I was sore and I was weak. I left my job and went on SS Disability because I could no longer work at the job I had been doing.

Due to me not working put me on the internet more...

I then stumbled on this wonderful site. I was member number 441 to join. Today there are 4367 registered members. I would check it 1 time a day. Now I check it 4 or 5 times a day. Am I addicted or what? I don't post much but I do read all the posts. I mean ALL. I click on 'Read Post Since Last Visit" and that gives me all.

When you laugh; I laugh. When you cry; I cry. When you grieve; I grieve. I pray for each of us daily.

Cancer is rough and hard. As Norme used to say "buckle your belt, you are in for a rough ride." I am doing fine at the present time. But why do I keep coming here if I am doing good? I CARE ABOUT OTHERS. I look at posts sometimes 2 or 3 times. I could post reply but I know someone else has been there and will post. If not I will post in a day or 2.

A lot of people have come and left since I joined. Some left because they no longer need the support that is offered here. A few have left because they were a caregiver and their loved one passed. And last but not least, some have lost their battle with the disease. I don't know how many of these 4367 are still with us. But I do know that there is more support here then ever.

I truly am glad to be a part of this group. I want to think each of you for caring enough to want to share with others. I am blessed to have crossed paths with each and everyone of you. Some of you truly amaze me. I would never have the courage or strength that some have.

I went to see my oncologist this week. He told me there was no need for me to see him anymore. I was shocked at first so I ask him to explain. He said as far as he was concerned, I was CURED. For the first time in 5 years I actually cried.

I don't want to call names cause I'll leave someone out. Some have left us. No matter what has happened in a given day, you can be there to help others no matter what your day has been like. You all have been an inspiration to me and I wouldn‘t trade the memories for anything in the world.. Thanks Katie and Rick. You go above and beyond in keeping this site going. Said I would not mention names so I'll shut up. As long as you can put up with me, I intend to stick around.

Thanks for reading this lengthy message and I hope it gives someone a ray of hope as to what the future may hold.

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A 5 year survivor!!!!! That 'C' word ~ CURED. Bruce, your post made me cry. I want to grow up to be YOU. When I came here it was folks like you who kept me going. That's why I''m still here.

I'll toast many times those 5 years, Bruce. And here's to so many more 5 years that we all lose track of them. Bless you for being here.


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Well Bruce, I am so glad to hear your SPRUNG from the Onc!!!! That's REALLY GOOD NEWS! (bittersweet, but good)! I know your having mixed feelings on that one, as we all do, but you'll get past that too! :wink:

Congratulations on 5 YEARS!! Way to GO! I too am very VERY glad your here and that you've shared your journey with all of us. I just think it's so important for new members to see people like you, Barb, Snowflake, Jan, Alisa, etc., etc., etc, beating the odds. It does happen!

I'm very happy for you, and I'm very happy we've gotten to know one another over the years!!!!!


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WAY TO O BRUCE....... CONGRATUILATIONS on the new GREAT C word!!!!!

To all the scared people out there.... see there is light at the end of a tunnel... Bruces's is shinning bright!! :D

Thank you for keep coming on here and giving your support all these years.

Maryanne :wink:

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Bruce, Congratulations on the CURE word. They tell me I won't hear it but you never know. You are an inspiration. And thanks for sharing that you are there reading our posts and feeling for us even when you are not showing yourself. What a lovely thing it is to know you care enough to spend your time tuning in.

Judy on Lake Whipporwill

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Ya know....just when things were getting a little semi-gray and not the usual 'white,' along comes Bruce with his most electrifying post of hope shaking out that gray.

Bruce, Congratulations on this journey's end. Now the tremendous upward journey keeps going but in a totally different light. Fantastic.

Please keep up your posts, including your insights on your cure. Faith and hope abound.

Congrats again.

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