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An Act of Love

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Tom has been having trouble with his feet. He has the neuropathy and has developed callouses on the outside edges and the bottom of both feet which is making it painful to walk.

Tonight I broke out the heated, vibrating foot bath and gave him a proper pedicure, smoothed out his calluses and massaged his feet and legs.

I do this because I want to not because I have to or think that it is my job. While I was on the front room floor scraping his feet he said he felt bad for me that I was doing this for him.

Now I did take a vow of in sickness and health. I don't want him to be sick but he is. I don't want him to be in pain but he is. Why should I or how could I just sit back and not try to do what I can to make him comfortable?

It would be cruel of me to not do anything to assist him.

This is just a small act of love to show that I am in this for the long haul.


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That is so sweet Denise...and yet so true. We do (did in my case) things for our loved ones because we care and we love them.

I HATE feet but did manage to cut my Daddy's toenails and detail his feet a few times. I had said almost anything but that, but he asked.

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