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Everything tastes funny

Yorktown Linda

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I've been on alimta, avastin and paraplatin every two weeks since the end of May. I've noticed that everything tastes funny and it's gradually getting worse.

My appetite is great and the first mouthfuls go down fine but then there's what tastes like rancid fat coating the roof of my mouth. Have you had this? What did you do?

I'm sure it's the chemo 'cause my onc was in Italy and I had 2 1/2 weeks between last 2 chemos. Actually was able to eat fine those last few days.


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Linda, Hope someone will stop by who is familiar with your particular chemo combo. I do know with some there is a metallic taste issue that often is accompanied by blisters in the mouth. I had it myself recently from my Avastin but for me it comes and goes with varying severity. I use Prevention swish and spit, the green label mixed with the orange label. Don't know if it does any good but it makes me feel better just doing something!

Judy in Richmond Hill, GA

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chemo did the same thing to me.....somethings i used to love now turn my stomache cause i ate them on chemo. eat bland...dont eat your favorite food during chemo.the bad taste will go away when chemo is done.takes awhile sometimes but normal taste will return......dont worry..perfectly normal. Tell onc just to make him aware.

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Hi Linda. It must be your particular mix of chemo drugs. I am on alimta only, and although there have been days when I don't feel like eating...when I do eat it tastes darn good. Just bear with it though...just want the drugs to work and to get through it. Keep posting please..I love to hear others experiences on alimta. I just had my third treatment today...


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