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Men - enter at your own risk...

Okay, so last week I bought not one but TWO underwire bras. I have not had one on since before my surgery but I figured for my 5 year anniversary, it was time. I told myself that if it hurt, I would cowgirl up, I could get through the pain and to the other side. I did it after surgery, I could do it with a stupid bra. How painful could it be - its been 5 years?!!

The first day I wore one I was triumphant. Me against my body and I was winning - score debi = 1, damaged tissue, nerves, breastbone, ribs and muscle = 0. I was strong, I was going to make it - I had lift off errrrrrr up. I actually felt my Victoria Secret wings flapping against my sides by the end of the day. But wait.... was that my wings or was it the faint stirrings of pain?

Fade to day 7 - today. I will spare you the details of the last 6 days. Suffice it to say that it has been like getting your foot caught in a bear trap, every day it gets more intolerable. I want to be like those people who have those renaiisance weekends, but instead reenact the late 60s. I want to roll a barrell onto the front yard, throw the bras in it after I saturate them with lighter fluid and set them ablaze, underwires and all, while smoking a joint. I won't inhale, I promise. Cowgirl up my *ss. These bras are totally evil. I hate them. I'll tell you what the secret is - pain!

So apparently I will never have cleavage again. Sure on the list of terrible things, its not really near the top, but that's why I am posting this in early stage. As frivoulous as it may sound to some, I SO wanted to be able to wear a decent bra again.

I hate when I take a stab at normalcy and fail!! Anyone else feel there is something they haven't been able to do since surgery, etc? In what small way (that you feel silly complaining about in the giant scheme of things but dammit, it still bothers you!) has surgery/cancer etc affected you? I already told you mine. :wink::oops::D

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Have you tried one of the new backless bras? They don't sqeeze those broken ribs. They were designed for backless dresses but perhaps we that no longer can forget when we have the "appliance " lifting up our little puppies may see them perk right up!

Donna G

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Debi, I know of what you speak. I have had 3 lung surgeries and chest tubes in each time. Of course, they were right where the bra goes not counting the broken ribs. I started wearing those spandex tops under my clothes - doesn't yield much cleavage but keeps things in place (if you know what I mean) and much more comfortable.

One of my ports got infected and the end result (healing/scar tissue) has my left higher than my right. In the whole scheme of things, I am going on 10 years - beats the alternative.

Take care,

Nancy B

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O.k. Debi, mine's not a bra thing--hated them then and hate them now. My silly thing is eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows. I was devastated at losing my eyelashes and terrified they'd not come back but they did. What is weird is that only part of my eyebrows came back and they look strange unless I finish them with pencil. Trouble is, I am currently working with my very discriminating grandson to find the right color--according to him, my hair color is not auburn. Did I really buy an auburn pencil? It was probably on sale. Anyway, back to the drawing board--I mean drugstore, or should it be department store?

Judy on Lake Whipporwill

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You just crushed me - I have been telling myself that one of those pretty little underwife bra's were still in my future. I guess I am going to throw that dream in the drawer....

Ha-ha :D

Your words truly mirror my thoughts on the subject. It is amazing how many stores carry bras that don't have an underwire :evil:


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OMG Debi...I don't know you all that well but I love your sense of humour. I am glad I have not had major surgery....my girls could not take being without that extra support...funny but not....continued best wishes in finding something that holds you up in style!!!


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I'm sorry everyone, but I have to confess I almost died laughing when I read this thread because one of the first things I did after my dx in 01/07 was remove my underwire bra and hold a ceremony at my daughters where I tossed it in her fireplace in celebration of the fact that it was no longer a priority item in my life (I even played Helen Reddy's I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRKnv9so5O8) in the background)!

I always hated the danged things, but felt that with a D cup, I had no choice. Post dx, however, my priorities changed enormously and those underwire bras dropped right to the bottom! :lol::lol::lol:

Affectionately and Humorously,


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