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Miraculous moments

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When I was in treatment and dealing with terrible side effects from chemo and radiation, I wasn't sure if tomorrow would exist. But, there were moments that I felt reassured that whatever happened, everything would be okay. Once I truly realized that ,my life changed. I didn't know if I would see my 2 year old little boy grow up but I was so thankful and excited about what the next minute with him would be like. I felt the same way about my hubby and my faith. It was a feeling that is hard to describe. I would literally get a tingling feeling and even though I could barely sit up, in my mind I was ready to run a race. There were many miraculous moments during treatment that continued to give me this feeling and continued hope.

Here's one: Once I was going to throw garbage away outside when I heard thunder way off in the distance. I thought this was kind of strange as it was a beautiful, sunny day . Then all of a sudden, lightening struck a tree about 20 feet from me. I thought a bomb hit my house. It threw bark up by my feet. It scared the mess out of me. After I realized I was still alive, I went in the house, called my mom and told her that GOD just scared the cancer right out of me. She laughed but in all seriousness, I do believe he was trying to get my attention. He sure did!!

There were many other miraculous moments....Please share if you have any stories, I would love to hear them!!!

God Bless!!


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