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Joels first step done...updated Dr. West


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Ok step one done...

Went to the Pulmonary Doctor. He said Joel's lung function is good and he has 75% breathing capacity and he could go through another operation with no problem.

He doesn't seem to be too keen on cyberknife. He just feels that if it could be cut, cut it out and do chemo.

He did relent as we were really adamant at the cyber knife and he said try it but if it does not get good results fast then do the operation. He said.... wait till you hear this one... that Joel could function very well if they removed the whole right lung. Now he had a wedge section there... and before that they removed a lobe for the left lung. I just thought that was kind of nutzy to say. I mean that would only leave him with 2 lobes on the left side nothing on the right.. DUH.... Sounds to me that might be like oxygen time... no way, Jose'!!!

We are still waiting for a confirmation number so he can get the Pet taken. The cyberknife office called and he has an appointment there on Aug 1st (his B-day)

But before that he will talk to his surgeon (who did his previous two operations) on the 28th. We probably won't have the pet by that time, but we have CT scan. We saw nodule it’s pretty prominent. There is scar tissue there but it seems to be pretty far away from that area.

Anyway, one down... plenty to go

By the way.... thank you for all your responses and prayers...greatly appreciated!!

Maryanne :wink:

I emailed Dr. West about this and this is his response.


I couldn’t be less enthusiastic about the process of another lung surgery in someone who has had two prior ones. There are only two lobes on the left side, so if he were to have the entire right lung removed, I agree that it would be remarkably challenging. And after several prior surgeries and another nodule, I would have almost no confidence that there won’t be another nodule somewhere down the road, I’m afraid. For this reason, I would be far, far more inclined to consider cyber knife than an actual repeat surgery. My general approach is to do as little as needed to eradicate the visible cancer – and the cyber knife approach would allow far more lung to remain functional.

-Dr. West

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Hey guys,

Maryanne, I know you have all wheels in motiion to to research and decide upon what the very best plan should be at this time. So I am more than confident that whatever the decision, it will be made with all the facts before you. And we do know that once there is an actual 'plan' things just seem to progress better. I'm just bummed that you gotta do all this another time.

Fred and I are just 'up the road' so be sure to give a shout out for anything you feel we could do.

Love and support,

Kasey and Fred

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Sorry I missed your earlier posting (just now saw this one--have been out on "hall pass"), and sorrier yet that you and Joel will be going through this whole mess again. Cyberknife decision sounds good (I'd be worried in future about judgment of doc advocating further surgery first!).

Sending all possible positive thoughts your way!



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