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Update On My CTscan Yesterday


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I had the CTscan of my chest and brain yesterday. The official report read by the radiologist should be in by Thursday and they'll mail me a copy. But my oncologists always looks at the CTscan and he said it looked fine to him .. he's hasn't been wrong in the past 2 years since my dx YAHOOOO! :D

He wants me to have an eye exam for my vision problems - it's been three years. He believes my mild headaches are due to the TMJ problems I have plus the fact that I sleep on several pillows at night. This helps me to breathe better with the asthma but he said it also puts the neck muscles in a position to cause one to wake up with the top of their head hurting. He suggested using a cervical pillow or sleeping on only one pillow.

Having said that, I can't celebrate or do the happy dance yet. He found a nodule in the right breast. I'm to have a mammogram next Wednesday, July 30. I've had previous breast surgery/biopsies and he said it could be just scar tissue but he wants the mammogram done to be able to give me a clean bill of health. If all is well, I won't have to return to my oncologist for 6 months for another CTscan.

So I'm asking for your good thoughts and prayers that this test will be ok too.

Trying to stay cool in east Texas - was 104 yesterday :(


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Hoping and praying that the mammogram turns out as good as the scans did!!! Please keep us posted.

Interesting about the pillow siutation and the headaches........I have been thinking about asking for another MRI because of some recent headaches but maybe I need to try the cervical pillow for a few days and see if it makes a difference!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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thats great news about the headaches..well not great news that you are having them....great news about the CT...at least you know like I do whats not causing them....so glad to hear that..good luck on the mammo hope that will be ok as well

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Congratz on CT scans and good luck with mammogram.

Re breathing and pillows:

1. Changing to hospital bed so that I could elevate chest has helped me greatly with breathing.

2. Using "memory foam" pillows (department store bedding section) for neck and head has helped greatly with neck pain.



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