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Super food fighters of Cancer

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GRANDAD Ray Wiseman has fought off cancer — with a daily drink of BROCCOLI juice.

Doctors didn’t expect Ray, 79, to survive when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer five years ago.

But Ray is convinced the daily half-tumbler of juiced broccoli he has drunk since then has helped stop the disease.

He said: “If I’d had my bladder removed five years ago — as was suggested — I’d have been vulnerable to many infections and wouldn’t be here.

“But the broccoli has stopped any spread of the cancer.”


Hospital scans have confirmed that the cancer has been kept at bay.

Wife Joan, 72, said: “It’s a bit of a mess getting the juice from the broccoli. If it wasn’t so good for Ray we wouldn’t put ourselves through the ordeal of making the drink!”

Cancer Research UK now plans to study the case and speak to former clothing worker Ray, of Braunstone, Leicester.

A spokesman said: “Broccoli has had a lot of research focused on it due to the chemicals in the vegetable.”

Dozens of studies have confirmed that a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables dramatically reduces the risk of many cancers as well as heart disease, stroke and other killers.

Here are are some good reasons to tuck in:

TOMATOES contain prostate-protecting carotenoid. Cooked tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene.

CABBAGE, sprouts and similar veg contain nitrogen compounds which give protection against breast, womb and bowel cancer. There is also evidence it cuts the risk of lung cancer in those with a family history of the disease.

STRAWBERRIES contain a plant chemical called salvestrol Q40 which targets an enzyme found only in cancer cells. They're also packed with vitamins C and K, betacarotene, folic acid and potassium.

PUMPKINS are full of beta carotene which can reduce the risk of cancer.Researchers are baffled by a recent finding that smokers taking beta carotene in pills had increased risk of lung cancer but those taking it from food such as pumpkins had a lower risk.

AUBERGINES have beta carotene and folic acid -good for arteries and brain.

OLIVES contain phenols that protect cells against bowel cancer.

KIDNEY beans can reduce cholesterol and their fibre content cleanses the digestive system.

BLACKCURRANTS contain PMS-fighting magnesium, as well as potassium, betacarotene and calcium.

RED PEPPERS contain three times more vitamin C than oranges. They also have beta carotene and bioflavonoids which combat the free radicals which cause the cell damage that can trigger cancer.

RED GRAPES contain heart-friendly resveratrol in the skin. The chemical is best fermented as it is in red wine.

CHERRIES help prevent gout by keeping uric acid levels low. They are used in natural medicine to cleanse kidneys.

PAPAYA contains powerful enzymes that can beat indigestion. But, if it is cooked and canned, these enzymes stop being active.

MANGOES are a rich source of vitamin A and have lots of vitamins B and C. High in fibre, they also have protein and minerals.

CITRUS juices are a favourite source of vitamin C, which is good for healthy skin and bones and resisting cancer.

CARROTS contain beta carotene and vitamin A, essential for many aspects of health, including eyesight. Excess vitamin A can lead to skin problems.

PINEAPPLES contain carotenoid and an enzyme called bromelain, which kills bacteria and parasites. In one study it has been shown to reduce knee pain.

LEMONS contain stroke-preventing potassium as well as vitamin C. They also have antiseptic properties.

RIPE yellow bananas are rich in potassium -vital for muscle, nerve function and good blood pressure. One study showed a banana a day can cut the risk of stroke by 50 per cent in over 65s.

SWEETCORN contains carotenoids, helping prevent cancers and heart disease, as well as protecting against age-related blindness.

SPINACH is a superfood packed with iron and many nutrients -so Popeye was right.

APPLES are a source of fibre, helping digestion and preventing cholesterol build-up in the blood vessels.

PEAS are bursting with eight vitamins, six minerals, plenty of dietary fibre and protein too.

And wash it all down with a glass of red wine, a 2004 study found four glasses a day halves the risk of prostate cancer.

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Randy, I appreciate the value of vegetables and happen to love them. But if they could truly prevent cancer, I wouldn't have it and my husband would. Not that I would wish it on him for a moment but he often refers to my meals as "rabbit food."

I can see you are busy posting lots of good stuff for us but I'm beat and will have to check the rest out in the am.

Judy in Key West

P.S. It's really been bugging me that someone asked awhile ago about Jackie and I lost the thread. Any news?

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