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Seven and a half years later


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Almost seven and a half years ago today, in January of 2001, Joanne, an angel from above posing as a PA, said to me, "Let's get an X-Ray". This examination came after my PCP twice complained that "everyone has a cold or flu right now; I'll call in a prescription for you". The X-Ray led to all sorts of manipulations to try and further identify the stranger lurking in my lower right lobe including CT Scan on February 14 and PET Scan on March 27. By then, my 2nd opinion doctor was really getting frustrated at the delays spanning 2 months, urging me to tell the surgeon to MOVE NOW! He did. The lobectomy was rescheduled for the following day, March 28, 2001. That was at age 58.

Earlier this week I celebrated my 66th birthday. I still work full time.

I'll never forget what life was like for my wife and me during that time preceeding the surgery. If you or a loved one are presently at an early stage of detection, may God bless you! If surgery is anticipated, may God guide the hands of your surgeon; and may the record reflect "surgical cure".


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Welcome Dean. There are a lot of newbies here that really need to know that one can survive! Early detection is another thing we all need to push for.

Donna G

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How wonderful to 'meet' another survivor!!!

Please feel free to stick around and add your support to those on the board. I am so glad you posted!!


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Clap...Clap....Clap....thank you Dean for posting such wonderful news and congratulations on 7 years...Please continue to post and show the neebies that LC in definatly not a death sentence....Kick that 'sucka' right in the butt and get on with the good life...


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