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Hi friends had my first round of the above mentioned chemo a week ago Thursday and this has been the first day since then that I have had enough energy to set at the computer. I was suspect of the Taxotere but my Oncologists nurse said it was probably the Avastin that was kicking my hiney. I will only receive this treatment every 3 weeks. They wanted to give me a Neulasta shot the day after chemo but my insurance would not cover it because my white count was still within an acceptable limit. I guess I have not asked a question but if any of you have had similar treatment, or are the caretaker of someone that is then, please share experiences or glimmers of light. I was finally able to manage to eat a little bit today so perhaps the energy level will pick up in a day or two. :shock:

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Hello Judy,

I am sorry to know that you have been kicked in the butt by the chemo.

Bill completed six rounds of carbo/taxol/Avastin on May 26.

While on it, he was tired pretty much of the time, and his appetite went south. Although, he didn't stop eating. But, it took him quite some time to finish a meal.

However, now that he has been off the regimen for almost two months, he is gaining back a lot of his former energy levels, his appetite has returned, and he has also gained a few pounds.

Bill feels low whenever he experiences fatigue during a chemo, but usually had bounced back more readily. This regimen knocked some of the stuffing out of him, as well.

My thought was that it was the taxol, but it could have been the Avastin. I read that one of the side effects was fatigue.

He did receive Neupogen after some of the infusions due to low white blood cells. Low immunity was a concern. He stayed away from crowds, and anyone with a cold wouldn't visit until the cold was gone.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that he is doing fine and has rebounded. :D He tried to do some activity every day while in treatment because he felt that he wanted to keep that area going. I guess he was afraid that rust would set in.

The best part is that the regimen did good for him. He had lesser cancer, and also stability. The doctor told us that he was in remission for now. It may have been heavy on him but it beat on the cancer, as well.

Hope you feel better soon, Judy.

Sending you my best thoughts,


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Hi Judy-

I started on Carbo/Taxotere/Avastin and then went to Avastin only. Avastin is usually considered a cake walk as far as chemos go so I would think its the Taxotere kicking your butt. My uncle is currently on Taxotere only and believe me, his butt is KICKED big time. I did have to have Neulasta shots after each treatment and that helped a lot.

Wishing and hoping you start to feel real better soon. Hate to hear that you're feeling bad.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Judy; Sorry you have been so down. My husband didn't have the avastin. He only got thru the taxotere one time without allergic reaction. He pretty much ended up with Carbo and something else. But what I think got my husband was the radiation.

No one would commit to what made him so sick. He had some really bad times. He was treated very aggresively. I guess it really doesn't compare to the drugs you are asking about. I do know he was able to get the drug that you couldn't but still very tired and took while to get the nausea under control.

I really wanted to say to you that what my husband has gone thru was awful but at least it did work. It all did what it was suppose and he got to have surgery and it worked.. I will keep praying for you.

I have learned to hate this disease. God Bless You Judy and take care.

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