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A Wedding


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I wasn't sure whether to post in "Good News", "Hall Pass" or "Grieving", so I decided on "GENERAL"!!

My Sister's son is getting married on August 2 in Colorado. I'm honored to have been asked to do all the wedding flowers. Now, just a short time before the big event, I've been asked to get involved in the Rehersal Dinner plans. Again, happy and honored to do this for my fabulous nephew.

With all the excitement and joy of this wonderful event, I can't help but be sad. Maura and I always talked about what we'd do when our sons got married!! We should be planning this happy event together. I find myself close to tears WAY too often lately...I miss her SO much. This will be the first time everyone will be together since her funeral. I know how much she wanted to see her "baby" get married, and she will be so deeply missed at his wedding. (as she is every day).

Please send up a little prayer for the Groom-to-be and his nutcase auntie. Ellie

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Hey, my nephews have a nutcase aunt too, what a coincidence. :)

Many prayers to all of you for a very joyous family gathering, though we know they are always a bit colored by the sadness over those that are no longer here. Try to let the sadness take a backseat and just enjoy! And post pictures of the flowers, I bet they will be gorgeous!

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Well I cannot imagine all the fun to be had at this wedding. Your feelings are so up and down but once you get there, get all the flowers and arranging done perhaps things may settle a bit. Your nephew will be so happy you are there for him and helping out so much.

It is fully understandable to be going through this and feeling a bit nutty! You watch, things will be better than ever!

Lets see some flower pix is right! Have a good time for yourself first then the rest will follow so easy you wont even believe it.

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Oh Ellie, just don't know what to say. I hear all you say and can only imagine how bittersweet this wedding. Of course you are honored to be so involved and so sad missing Maura. The burden is heavy carrying on for her as she would wish.

You're in my thoughts often and will now add prayers to see you through. Remember she's right beside you helping with everything. It will be perfect and you will do a magnificent job. Just so sorry she is not able to be there physically with you.

Please post a pic or two of the happy couple (and you too) when you return home.



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