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Good Evening Everyone,

I saw my oncologist today for the results of my CT scan last week. He said the several nodules I have in my right lung and 2 of the enlarged lymph nodes have not changed and are considered stable. I have 2 hilar lymph nodes that have increased in size. Since the increase in size is small, his plan is to wait and do another PET and CT scan in 3 months. If the hilar nodes increase in size or light up on the PET in October, they will most likely do another biopsy. He is leaning toward thinking this is still inflammation, but said that he cannot be sure it is not cancer. He said if it was his chest he would take the wait and see approach. I trust him totally, and as it appears that there may be another process going on, I agree with him.

I am very thankful and pleased that for the most part things are staying stable. Thanks again for all your love and support.

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Sounds pretty darn good to me, Barb. Isn't it the truth that it seems none of us can EVER be sure what is happening is not cancer? And we are all well acquainted with the 'wait-and-see' routine.

Glad you have a proactive doc in your corner. I'd feel confident too. It's still hard to eliminate all worry during the 3 months though, isn't it? Well, take a deep breath and relish in STABLE. I've learned to just love that word. Thanks for checking in with the update. Will be waiting anxiously with you for October.


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Barb, As is often said on this site STABLE IS GOOD. Hope you can relax until you get closer to the next scan. I've managed to do that and don't really start stressing until after the infusion before the scan--for me that's a three-week worry period. Long enough.

Stay well, Judy in Key West

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Stopping by to THANK everyone for all your good wishes. I am off for a 3 day fly fishing retreat for women cancer survivors. My good friend who is a breast cancer survivor is going as well. It should be a blast! I know NOTHING about fly fishing, but it has always intrigued me.

Thanks Again!

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Barb, I'll be looking for updates on the flyfishing trip. I've been an avid fisherwomen most of my adult life but spincasting is my thing. I've always been afraid I'd get all tangled up with all that line with flyfishing but maybe I could use a new hobby.

Have fun. Any get together with a bunch of women is bound to be a blast in my opinion.

Judy in Key West

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