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help with a drug name please


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Gemzar and Gemcitabine are one in the same you were off by one letter unless my glasses are dirty! :wink:

Here is the link to their site!


Debs first "Cocktail" was Gemzar, "navy bean" or Navelbine and the side effects of those 2 were good and so were results!

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I was going to answer this yesterday since it seemed so incredibly simple -- I copy-pasted "gencitabine" (with the "N") into a Google window, and there it was, with numerous articles discussing gencitabine and Eli Lilly's Gemzar. But then I figured, Sandra surely knows how to use a search engine, and it would seem sort of, well, condescending for me to say yes, you're right, 'cause I found it with Google! So now Randy says the "M" spelling is correct, and I found that in Google too! If "Gemzar" is searched for, most of the references have the "M" spelling. So maybe both ways are correct, or "M" is correct and the "N" users are just being cut some slack. Glad I didn't answer yesterday!



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