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Bruce! Bruce was driving the keg bus and his dog was the navigator (too cheap to buy a Nav. system for the bus). As they zoomed by on the icy road (still frozen up there despite the heat), I was concerned that they might slide off the road into the river. A moment later . . .

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well you may be on to something there..but I will need some friends who are better at crazy cancer song lyrics than I or we will go broke. And we will all need undercover names because that crazy cancer cop is after us. And then, you will never guess who came wandering down the street humming a crazy cancer song. It was..

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*Sung to the tune 'Thank God I'm A Country Boy'

Well life on the couch is kinda laid back

Ain't much an old chemo girl like me can't hack

It's late to rise and early in the sack

My God, I'm a chemo girl!

Just as the last line was sung

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a highway sign that said Minnesota, not Wisconsin. I felt we were lucky we didn't skid right into the river (the mighty Mississippi). Instead we have driven (speeded) right through La Crosse and into MN. Next "big" :roll: town is Winona. We need to decide if we want to turn around (eek, on the interstate) and return to La Crosse or continue on in Minnesota. As the group was thinking about this . . .

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