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Yorktown Linda NCLC Stage IV

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4/19/07 spot found on routine chest xray

4/21/07 TB test negative

4/22/07 CAT scan showed 2.5 cm mass in upper left lung; several smaller (>5mm) nodules scattered through all lungs.

5/5/07 PET scan: 2.5 cm only positive finding

5/14/07 Biopsy: adenocarcinoma

5/31/07 Upper left lobotemy; 2 wedge resections on lower left lung. Pathology showed clean margins and lymph nodes; smaller nodules were non-mucinous BAC.

6/6/07 Bone scan and brain MRI both negative

6/29/07 no changes on CAT scan; CEA 2.0

7/29/07 At urging of my oncologist, consulted Dr. Vincent Miller at Memorial Slaon Kettering (expert on BAC). He recommended wait and see.

10/05/07 no changes on CAT scan; CEA 2.5

2/08/08 CAT scan: new small growth lower left; CEA 5.5

3/21/08 CAT scan: same as 2/08

3/24/08 Oncologist wants to consult with Dr. Miller. Thinking about Tarceva

3/26/08 Oncologist says Dr. Miller says surgery or RFA

3/38/08 Saw Dr. Miller -- said mass is 1 cm. As I'm healthy, surgery it is, possibly VATS. Referrals for PET scan and surgical consult.

4/2/08 PET scan; 1 cm tumor lit up

4/9/08 wedge resection scheduled for May 16. Dr Flores (surgeon) says the small nodules are not BAC but are AAH -- precancerous lesions. May not ever grow.

4/18 Stress test, PFT, brain MRI -- both good

4/28 ll wedge resection, pathology shows poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, morphologically different from previous tumor

5/21 CEA is 19; previous high was 5.5. Onc says it could be due to surgery. Will begin avastin, alimta, paraplatin next week -- every 2 weeks for 3 to 4 months

5/28 avastin, alimta, paraplatin; 5/29 spiked fever; low blood pressure, high liver enzymes

6/4 -- 6/8 hospitalized; drs think alimta caused problems

6/16 2nd round avastin, alimta, paraplatin -- no side effects.

6/30 3rd round, no side effects

7/17 4th round stomach issues, chemo fog

8/6 5th rd.

8/10 develop cough on vacation; started levaquin

8/20 6th round

8/26 CAT scans shows reduced lymph nodes (were never very enlarged as no one notice them before they shrank) and 2 new nodules, one in each lung. Discontinue paraplatin; start taxotere every week; continue alimta and avistan every other week

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