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I am new to this message board and wanted to introduce myself. My lung cancer history is in my signature. I am a physician and had to overcome some of my own prejudices from medical school and residency to get behind fighting this disease, but fighting I am. Feeling better than I expected and doing my best to stay positive.

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Welcome, sorry you have to be here. Unfortunately this disease affects many people of many different walks of life. But I am glad you found us. We are a great group to help pick each other up at times, or make each other laugh when needed and most important just to "listen". Hope all goes well with you please keep us updated.


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Hello Lisa. I am an RN. I also was diagnosed at age 50. This disease, as you have learned can strike anyone. I also went to the Dr. because of pain. When I was told it was not an orthopedic problem, it was lung cancer, I knew my prognosis was bad.

The good news is soon I will celebrate my 61st Birthday!

Since my treatment and getting back to work I have a whole new idea of what my patients are going through that have been diagnosed with Cancer.

Welcome to our group. Keep us posted on how you are doing and how your family is coping.


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Welcome Lisa

We have a great group here of very supportive member's. Everyone looks out for each other and is always there for moral support. It is also a place for you to vent if that helps.

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Hi, Lisa.

Sorry you have to be here, but glad you found us. I can't begin to imagine how much more difficult the initial adjustment is for those like yourself and Donna who know--as medical professionals--the instant you are given your diagnosis just how bad it is, compared to the rest of us, whose knowledge is gained in in incremental steps.

The good news is that this is a great support group in every way--emotional, informational, educational, intellectual and spiritual. I don't know what I'd do without them.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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Hello Lisa,

As others have said, I am sorry for your need to be here.

You have joined a wonderful group of caring people.

Personally, without support, I would have been a basket case years ago.

Information is what keeps me going. Just reading about the new therapies, the survivors, how they are coping, dealing, and managing has given me the bolstering needed for this journey.

Our niece (my goddaughter) is an oncology nurse. She worked for many years at a well-known Cancer hospital in New York. She is presently at the Cancer Center where Bill receives his treatments, nearer to where she lives.

She was the very first person to tell Bill and me that it was possible to live with lung cancer.

Prior to her support, I thought Bill was a goner. I am sure that lung cancer news hits most people like a sledge hammer. It did us.

Hope you will find LCSC to be most helpful in information, and support. Please let us know how you are doing, Lisa.

"Attitude, Spirituality, Support and Hope."


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