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We took Dad to hospice today

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Today was happy and awful at the same time. The last few days he seemed to be doing better. I think trying to prove to us he is ok. He asked if i would take care of my sister and i said yes and we would be fine. That helped alot, knowing he has a peace of mind now. He likes his room it has a beutiful view with a big window with a bird feeder that attracts golden finches. He asked for pizza which i brought to him before he went to the hospice. He scarfed half of it down which was so surprising being that he was only eating liquids and yogurts and stuff. The hard thing now is i think the cancer is affecting his brain. The amount of morphine is still the same so i don't believe that is the cause. He is seeing things like spider webs and saying that is snowing outside. That was in the hospital. In the hospice he seen something which i couldn't understand. He said he wants to go after the company he worked for. We are going to call OSHA when all this passes. If anyone could help me to understand or if you know someone who had these symptoms i would greatly appriciate it.

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Hi Lillee. I am very touched by your post, it just so clearly came from your heart. I get the happy and the sad. Overall it sounds like your dad is having a good day...and I like that he had pizza for lunch. I hope he has many more good days. Take care of yourself and cherish every moment with him.


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Lilliee, I understand about it being happy and sad. Just remember that he can get the help that he needs at the hospice. I wish we had hospice with my Mom. She also started seeing things at the end that were not there. I don't know if she had brain mets or it was the pain meds.

Hugs to you,


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Hi, Lillee.

Sorry your dad and you all are having to go through this, but glad your dad's in hospice. It will be so much easier for both him and your family.

My best to you all.



Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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i am sorry to hear how things are going for you... as for the seeing/saying things... i get that... After Dad went on hospice, he started to say things that didnt make sense, and one time he told his cousin who came to visit, "Hey, you just missed your Mom, she was here to see me" Her mom had died 3yrs ago. ( i have heard that when people are close to death that they "see" people who have passed"

He also was saying things about needing to go to Chicago, and that he needed a map to figure out directions (Dad traveled alot for work) and then one time it was lets go 000, or I need to chop the wood today (that, i have no idea about)

But I completly understand... just take it for what its worth, and if its silly, then let it be... we had a good time laughing at all the silly things he was saying.. (as long he is not aggitated by it)

hope this helps you.


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I'm so sorry your dad had to go into hospice - there is nothing more difficult. You are in my prayers...

Regarding him seeing things - my mom had the same issue the last few days. I don't know if it was the tiny brain mets, the morphine, side effects from radiation - but I know how disturbing it can be. She became delusional at times (she was semi-conscious)...one of the good things was her making references (I think) to my unborn son. I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl (I was 6 1/2 months pregnant), and Mom would lay their with her eyes closed and say things like, "Look, he's walking!" and "Oh, there he is, he is such a cute little guy..." I try to keep those memories close in my heart, the bittersweet but priceless ones...

Hang in there, and may you find strength and love in the days to come...

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