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Sunday Morning Inspirationals from Randy


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Randy, that photo is awesome. I've never been to Hawaii but I imagine iit's even more beautiful than my little island.

We must have a bunch of slugs this morning. I didn't know if you meant the "inspirational" to be an addition or instead of the "Air" but I don't want to incur Will's ire so I added a "Sunday Air" too.

Hope everybody wakes up soon. It's after noon here.

Judy in Key West

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I did mean sundays air but things here just been crazy this morning as dad is getting out of a week in hospital after dealing with a gout diagnosis so.. any who the hospital calls mom and says we want torelease him to a nursing home cause he is to weak to go home. Mom calls me in tears and can't deal with this so I make physical threats about doctors adn we go to hospital. He is laying in bed yelling at everyone including mom and I about why wont we come help him and we says no one told us anything except.... Any how after some fussing and complaining the hospital case supervisor says if he can walk down hall with walker he cen go home. GOD HTese people sometimes.... SO he goes strolling down the hall way showing his glutimus maximus to the world cause he says he has already shown it today! :shock: SO now he is home with a physical therapist coming in tomorrow to help him out for a bit to get his mobility back and Mom is carrying a frying pan and walking softly around Him!! :lol:

THe Hospital gives steroids to treat the Gout so that is part of the irratibility factor!!


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Oh Randy, I'm so sorry you've had such a rough day. My husband gets the gout as well and for anyone unfamiliar with it, it's a nasty painful thing. Glad you worked it out for mom and dad. You're a good son! I can just picture the hospital event. Have had people with similar personalities in our family.

Maybe someone in charge can merge my Sunday into your Sunday. If not, there's always Monday. Have a peaceful evening.

Judy in Key West

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