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Coming back.. slowly


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Hello Everyone..

Well, after taking some time for myself and getting Mom back on her feet so to speak I am going to try and get caught up with the posts here and hopefully be back and stronger than before.

Lots of crap going on with my Mom and Jerry's kids. I never bothered to mention them much, if at all before as they had NOTHING at all to do with him or my Mom until the day after he died. Then of cour$e they came running. It has been sickening to see the greed and the cold heartedness. It all came to a head over this past week and my Mom packed up her belongings and moved back to her own place that she had not sold or done anything with over the years she was with Jerry. THANK GOD FOR THAT. Anyway, Jerry's son began saying some incredibly mean and nasty things to my mom, in front of me and it got very, very ugly and almost came to blows. He had us trapped in a small pantry, shoved me against the refrigerator and began to raise his hand to me. Only once would that happen, and of that I am 110% sure. My husband heard the shouting from out side and came in and finally got the moron to move away and Mom and I just got out. Not at all what any of us needed and not at all how we had wanted this to end, but greed and grief, hand in hand are a dangerous and volatile pair for some people. I know this is far from over but now it will go through legal channels and that is the only way it will be handled. Mom did not need this crap. She had not even had a chance to begin to grieve.

I am staying close by but also giving her the time and space that I know are so vitally important right now. I check on her every day and if I have any reason to think there is ANYTHING wrong I pop in and say hi. She is amazing me with her strength.

I am going to be around a bit now and will do my best to get caught up. I am sure I will never be able to read every post and reply but please know that this whole "family" here has been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be..

Love and hugs to all


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